Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ducks' Stripes Stop

You know I'm bored when I write a post about something like this. In perusing photos from last night's preseason game between the Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks, I noticed something odd about the new Anaheim sweaters.

It's the tiniest of details, but the curved stripe doesn't extend all the way around the bottom of the jersey. The panel down the side is solid. Like I said, it couldn't matter less, but it was just something unusual I noticed.

That reminds me, I just uploaded a ton of photos from that game to the Ducks and Kings albums in the Rbk EDGE gallery. They're different from that first preseason game because while that one was in Anaheim, this one was in L.A., so you can see the Kings in black and Ducks in white.


Brian said...

the side panels suck but I'm more shocked to see Bertuzzi wearing #4.

james624 said...

I don't understand why everyone is so surprised that Bert is wearing the number 4. 44 was not his first number in the NHL and hockey is not like football where the numbers are designated by position. With a small exception for goalies.

Eric said...

yikes at those discontinuous lines... i don't see how some teams kept them, while them, and some AHL teams were forced to do that.

Brian said...

well it makes sense about Bert taking 4. He was 44 and before that 27. Both taken by big Ducks

4 is a pretty uncommon forward number, in fact anythung under 7 is pretty peculiar in hockey.

I guess traditionally numbers sort of were dictated by position. 1 is your goalie, 2-6 are your D and 7+ are for forwards.

Anonymous said...

the word mark is to small on these jerseys can't even read anaheim. hope they fix this sometime.

Robin Brown said...

I think they should seriously change the Logo size on the front of these jerseys as well as change the side panel to include the stripes. They look like a thrown together piece of crap compared to all of the others that have now hit the ice.

It was like someone was just given to some kid who doesn't have any experience designing a jersey and he was told to just make the same jersey but with the RBK template and then he proceeded to do the bare minimum. He was like, "meh... fixing this side panels thing would take another minute on this project. I'm soooo over it."