Thursday, October 4, 2007

Vintage First Round Match-ups

It's here and it's official! Below are the 2007 Vintage Tournament first round match-ups. Plan your ballots accordingly!

North Stars vs Sabres
Poll opens Oct 6

Blackhawks vs Nordiques
Poll opens Oct 8

Jets vs Kings
Poll opens Oct 10

Rockies vs Penguins
Poll opens Oct 12

Flames vs Blues
Poll opens Oct 7

Canucks vs Whalers
Poll opens Oct 9

Capitals vs Bruins
Poll opens Oct 11

Maple Leafs vs Scouts
Poll opens Oct 13

In my opinion, the toughest competition will be between the Sabres and North Stars and the Canucks and Whalers. But somebody has to move on right? And soon enough, we'll find out just who that will be.

By the way, these match-ups were chosen completely at random (thanks, so don't come whining to me if you don't like them. Blame fate itself.

Also, remember that each of these polls will now be open for five days. Expect to see the bracket posted in the sidebar at some point tomorrow. Enjoy your day!


Zooch said...

What about the California - Oakland Seals, or the Montreal Maroons, or The Toronto St. Pats..etc.

Chris said...

What about the California - Oakland Seals, or the Montreal Maroons, or The Toronto St. Pats..etc.

There will be other tournaments for those guys. I wanted to limit this one to 16 and this is who we have to vote on.

I had to go with my gut on some of the choices and I doubt the Seals, Maroons or St. Pats would've been selected as the best overall — which is the point of the competition. That could be a misjudgment on my part. But we'll get to more of them in the future. Thanks for commenting!

rowsdower28 said...

Looks Like a great tournamnet but I had a idea for the brackets
you could went to the old Norris,Smythe,Patrick and Adams Divisions

Norris (Leafs,Blues,Blackhawks & Northstars)
Smythe (Kings,Jets,Canucks & Flames)
Patrick (Penguins,Capitals,Scouts & Rockies)
Adams (Whalers,Bruins,Sabres & Nordiques)

Zooch said...

I agree they wouldn't win

but I thought I mention one more, The Detroit Cougars, I think they were a team of really hot soccer moms Go North Stars!

PhantomOTO said...

I think it would be a good idea to include the more recent Jets and Whalers logos, since those both ran away with their own polls.

Chris said...

Don't get me wrong guys, I love the suggestions, but this tournament is pretty much set. I obviously considered a lot of options, but ultimately this is what I landed on and it would be a pain in the ass to change at this point.

However, don't think I'm not listening to you guys. I'll definitely be taking these things under consideration for future tournaments.

Thanks so much for the commetns!

Mason said...

Wow, what a tournament this will be! There are so many great logos--too many I'm afraid. There will be early exits and upsets for sure. Like the Whale v the C in the first round. That's toughy.

awildermode said...

Like the Whale v the C in the first round. That's toughy.

just think, we could have had the Whalers vs the (orca) whale

tyboughner said...

i would vote whalers and canucks to be the two best logos, to bad they are against each other in the first round.

Michaela said...


No doubt the best logo in history, including today... I love the subtle H.. Thats what gets me =]

I'm a big hurricanes fan too.. =]


Ghislain said...

Pauvre Nordiques, they have no chance against one of the best icons in the league with the Chicago Black Hawks.

I will votes for them but i still believe they have no chance to win at all.

Too bad the Canadiens is not there cause it will win all over again. ;)