Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tons And Tons Of Votes!

Before I call it a night I just thought I'd disperse some numbers now that the 2007 Championship Tournament has come to an end. In terms of the actual tournament itself, 456,600 votes were cast on our way to determining a champion! Here are some more numbers.

Votes cast in all Championship Tournament polls combined ending with the Montreal Canadiens' ultimate victory.

142,000 +
Votes cast in all Logo History polls combined to date.

11,700 +
Votes cast in all Rbk EDGE Review polls combined to date.

And the biggest number of all...

610,300 and counting...
That is how many votes have been cast here at NHLToL since I opened the first poll on August 12.

Thanks to everyone who has been voting and I hope you'll continue to vote on each and every poll I post in the future. Remember, as long as you guys keep coming back to vote, I'll keep adding to new polls for you to vote on. Thanks!