Saturday, October 6, 2007

CBS Beats NHLToL To The Punch

I'm not sure how prudent it is to go promoting your competition as such, but I've never been one for prudence so here goes. I got an email today from Jeff who pointed out an interesting new feature at CBS Sports' web site.

Well crap, they even thought of a better name than I did. Sweater Showdown. And here's their bracket.

My guess is they just started within the last few days judging by when each voting period ends. So since I won't be doing a head-to-head jersey competition for some time — if ever, at this point — I don't mind sending you guys over there to cast your jersey votes with CBS.

However, if you'd like to rate the individual jerseys for the ranking I'll be publishing next month, go ahead and continue voting here at NHLToL. And if you guys want me to, I don't mind doing a head-to-head sweater tournament here as well.

Just drop me a line and let me know how you feel about it. And let me know what you think of the setup over there at CBS Sports. Do you like voting on one round all at once they way they have it, or do you like how I post a new poll every day? I'm all ears.


Sabres Persuasion said...

Are they scared of you or something? lol this is quite funny.

Ryan said...

"The chick" who reviewed all of the jerseys on is the stupidest person in the entire world.

She criticized the Flyers for using brown for God's sake.

Sabres Persuasion said...

i think all of them are retards. I'll give the collector a little credit for actually knowing something

Jason said...

Wait, did the one really think the Kings used blue? I hope that was a joke that I didn't get.

jondp_83 said...

And I (roughly) quote "It looks like a wing on a wheel. What does that have to do with red wings?" That woman has got to be one of the most stupid people ever to put fingertip to keyboard. Anyone can have a tournament of sweaters, only CBS could do it with that much drivel. Please Chris, keep doing what your doing; you're one of the people that make the internet worth surfing.

Charlie said...


You were here first...that's not right by CBS...since when did they give a crap about hockey either!??!

They are c#$k blocking your efforts.

Screw em'

Matthew said...

I'm really hoping that the chick reviewer is just some kind of vague, sexist joke or something. Noone can really be THAT stupid, can they? The Canadians partially stole their logo from the Cincinnati Reds? *slap*

Matthew said...

"Too plain. It looks like a wing on a wheel. (The guy: I told her that it's supposed to be like that). Oh, that's kind of creative. But it has nothing to do with a Red Wing. What is a Red Wing anyway?"


Devsaf77 said...

i fail to the brown the chick is talking about in the flyers logo...and the royal blue on the kings logo. you would think cbs would hire people that knew a thing or two about hockey.

DaneykoIsGod said...

bush league move by cbs. but what else would you expect? last season, i emailed their head hockey writer, wes goldstien, pointing out a statistical error in a column. he shot back a juvenile "i'm right, you're wrong, nannynannypoopoo" response. meanwhile, i've emailed guys like ej hradek, terry frei, and john buccigross and never dealt with such nonsense. ever since then, i've seen sportsline for the joke it is.

keep up the good work here, my man. i refuse to even look at the crap they've got going on out of respect to the original.

Robert said...

The CBS bracket is awful. That chick is a dumb bimbo. Brown for the Flyers? "Oh, the Rangers jersey makes me dizzy." "That Penguin is cute." How did she turn on a computer to write the reviews in the first place?

It's also a horrible setup. They only let you vote on the top 16, without letting you decide who the top 16 are. And it's beyond me how the Islanders and Maple Leafs got ranked that high, with the Devils and Blues being left out of the top 16.

Chris, go ahead with your jersey competition. CBS has nothing on you.

Drew said...

Yeah, frankly, those people have no idea what they're talking about. It's not even worth reading.

Jo said...




Total bloody garbage.