Friday, September 28, 2007

Updates Made To Galleries

I've been making updates to the photo galleries that I thought I'd tell you guys about.

First, I've uploaded tons of concept art to the Concepts Gallery so be sure to check that out. As you all know, I'm notoriously bad at remembering to add credits to your images, so if I haven't yet, please drop me a line and remind me. That's probably the only way it will get done.

I've also been adding preseason game photos to the official Rbk EDGE gallery. You can now see action stills of almost all 60 jerseys. At the moment I'm waiting to find photos of the Blue Jackets' white, Sabres' dark, and Capitals' dark. I should have them soon.

The Jackets' next two games (tonight and tomorrow) are on the road while the Sabres play at home tomorrow night. The Caps will play their next two at home so by tomorrow at the latest we should have complete galleries. That is, photos of all 60 sweaters in action.

Another cool feature I've just added tonight to the EDGE gallery is a Reader Photos album. Because I have the greatest blog readers ever, you guys have been sending in photos of your new Rbk EDGE sweaters. I figured this would be the best place for them.

If you've got photos you'd like me to add, please send them along.

Anyway, as you can see I'm always trying to improve the site. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, you can email me or post a comment below. Have a wonderful night!


odessasteps said...

The Caps have been wearing their white sweaters at home, since they want to wait to wear the home reds until the home opener during the regular season.

anonymous said...

when are you going to post the secondary logos for the tournament?

Steve said...

Having issues with my link... sorry.

I've never looked in the galleries before, there's some cool (and some freaky) stuff in there.

I'm a little choked that someone (VERY BADLY) copied my Sharks concept in Paint (thankfully they look like ass), and sent it in as their own though. I sent you GOOD ones in an email last week actually, saying that they were hosted on my server.

I'm not sure when you received them as a submission, but I highly doubt it was before I posted this:
Sharks concepts

jemhuff said...

You haven't found any action photos of Jackets' white jerseys yet because they've worn the dark jerseys at home and every team they've played on the road so far has worn white at home. Unless the Preds wear their dark jerseys tonight, you won't see the Jackets' white jerseys until the regular season.

Chris said...

I'm not sure when you received them as a submission, but I highly doubt it was before I posted this

Hi Steve! It doesn't really make a difference, but the Sharks concept that is similar to yours was actually emailed in to me on August 23 — a good three weeks before you posted yours. I'll still add yours to the gallery though, as well.

Thanks for the comments, all!

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