Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sharks Moving To New Jersey!

The San Jose Sharks announced via an email to fans and on their official web site that they'll be unveiling their new Rbk EDGE uniforms on Monday, September 17 at 2 PM. Here's the email fans received.

Thought the headline was funny so I stole it. And here's a screenshot of the Sharks' web site announcing the unveiling. The jerseys will be available to the public for a first glimpse at the Sharks Store at HP Pavilion.

Pictures will be posted on their web site Monday afternoon and I'll have them here and in the gallery as soon as I can. You can read more on this matter at their official site.

But as a special treat for those of you that have read on, the Sharks' prospects took part in weekend tournament with the Anaheim Ducks. Players were wearing what appear to be the pants to go with the new uniforms. You can tell by the new shield logo which appears on the pants. Check out some photos.


Tyler said...

The gloves match too.

IMO they've always had nice jerseys - I can't wait to see the new ones. Gotta love those colours.

Eric said...

I loved their originals. I like their current black sweater, but everything else has colors flying everywhere, and i hate the gray/teal/white combination. The leaked video game image actually looks decent and somewhat traditional.

andrew2 said...

Yeah, I saw that the gloves match too - doesn't look bad so far...can't wait to see the other half.

Artymous said...

Hmmm... I just noticed that "The Sharks Are Moving to New Jersey" and that the devils are unveiling their uniforms ON THE SAME DAY.


famoussas said...

Those gloves are sick. I think the whole uniform will be really awsome!

BreAnn said...

I was reading the announcement on my phone and I was like wtf, they are moving? I think someone in their PR dept needs to read their emails before hitting send. They had two emails sent with that headline stating they were unveiling the new jerseys. It should of said moving to New Jerseys not New Jersey, morons and I'm a season ticket holder there.