Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Result: Canucks Logo History


48% 7,648 votes

15,795 total votes

23% 3,649 votes

17% 2,745 votes

11% 1,753 votes

Poll opening date
Sep 3 @ 4:18 AM
Poll closing date
Sep 10 @ 11:59 PM



Anonymous said...

so now that we're in agreement on this, can we stop pretending the orca looks good?

Mike said...

I`m surprised that the colourless 07 orca beat out the much better looking 97 orca.

Sabres Persuasion said...

hell, the stick/arena doesn't look good. I thought the skate always looked the best.

Trevor said...

I like the orca its original, but the skate it's just bad and hurts my eyes, and could be any team's logo.

Canis said...

The fact that this oval with a hockey stick won it's own internal battle proves to me that the nucks-redwings battle was dupped. This is the most pathetic logo I've ever seen. It's a 5 minute excuse. All this talk about "oh our logo reflects the inupiut tribe" or "this is a reflection of our ancestorial community" is a bunch of crap! It boils down to the fact that the Red Wings logo is head and shoulders better than Shamoo...deal with it...proof is in this very result.

JEFF said...

The skate is and always will be the best LOGO EVER!!!! I stopped cheering for them when they went to the orca.

Scarecrow said...

Why are we deliberating about the Canucks best logo? Personally, the spaghetti skate was always there best logo. But in the big picture, the Vancouver Canucks will always be the fashion faux pas of the NHL. They'll always be the league's Mr. Dress-ups, as the constantly toil in logo/jersey mediocrity.