Monday, September 3, 2007

Result: Hurricanes vs Devils

New Jersey

71% 8,633 votes


29% 3,593 votes

12,226 total votes

New Jersey Devils
Advancing to Quarterfinals to face Penguins or Canadiens

Carolina Hurricanes

Poll opening date
Aug 26 @ 7:05 AM
Poll closing date
Sep 2 @ 11:59 PM



Anonymous said...

nj's logo gives me a hard on.

Anonymous said...

me too - i wish to fornicate with it.

Anonymous said...

If I were to do it with any logo it would have to be pitt's. I like them kinda chubby and that penquin is just my size.

Anonymous said...

Are we voting on which team is better or which logo is more arousing!? you guys/gals are wierdos.

ps. for me it would be dallas's mooterus.....hmmmmmmm

Scott said...

Once again Carolina doesn't get the credit it deserves at all.

Anonymous said...

Carolina didn't deserve to win. That logo is awful.

nj's is masturbatory.

Kirk said...

Shouldn't the Huricanes change there logo in memory of and respect to the lives lost from major real Hurricanes, like Katrina. If you've lost a loved one, or lost your home don't you think you'd have a bad taste in your mouth everytime you hear the word "hurricane". Can you imagine one of these persons buying a Carolina jersey and then watching a game and screaming "Go Hurricanes Go" or even "Go 'Canes Go". I can't. I wish the league was smart enough to step in and get them to change there team name and logo. Anything is better than the dumb logo they have now!

Trevor said...

kirk, no bad idea enough said