Monday, September 3, 2007

Prepping For Flames' Big Day

As you all know, the Calgary Flames unveil their new Rbk EDGE uniforms tomorrow. So to prepare, I've got concept art.

We'll start out with the most promising. From everything we've read and heard about the new jerseys, the following image most likely best represents what we'll see tomorrow.

Rumor has it that the Flames will be introducing a new shoulder patch, which may feature the Albertan coat of arms. Oilers fans, don't go getting your knickers in a knot just yet. Nothing's been confirmed. Wait one more day.

Overall those jerseys are pretty sharp. Here's hoping the Flames live up to that standard. For something a little different, check out these.

They're nice designs — if you can live with the numbers on the front — but feature the horse head secondary logo we've heard is going away. Personally, I always liked that logo. It made for one of the best third jerseys in the league, I thought.

Before I go, I've got one last concept to post that might make you rub your eyes or scratch your head.

I'll let you all find the words to describe that. Meanwhile, Flames fans, what are you hoping to see tomorrow when your team shows off their new threads?


PointMeAtTheSky said...

Personally, I love of the idea of having the flaming horse as the logo, the flaming c is too bland for my liking. I dislike black jerseys though,so maybe have the horse yellow with orange flames on a red jersey..I also liked the concept you posted awhile back with flames on the sides. Unfortunately the NHL is too unoriginal to have anything like that.

Anonymous said...

Personally i'd like them to keep back the white "C" on the red jersey, so old skool! the coat on shoulders is a great idea! can't wait to see Nolan wearing the new unis!

Sephiroth said...

Tomorrow is one of the biggest days of my life. My listening room is entirely painted with the colors of the Flames. My Speakers desing (DIY) are based on the colors of the Flames. I have all their uniforms, exept the tectonic plates one.

And for the Canadiens, It's the nearest NHL club in my area. Also the Club I will see the most on TV this year (I know they will suck, don't tell me please).

So tomorrow is a VERY big journey. I know I will frequently take a break from the job to see is something have changed here on NHL TOL.

I fear the bad uniform, or the bad colors, especially on the Flames side. But their little teaser on their site is keeping me in good mood.

So great day in Canada again.

garrett gollinger said...

i hope he new flames jhersey isnice not a peice of shit like the oilers one!!!

Anonymous said...

Those Flames jerseys are fantastic. It's too bad the horsehead is gone, I just hope their new alternate logo isn't something lame.

I also can't wait to see the new Habs gear. To be quite honnest, my only concern is the middle stripe, i don't know if it will go all around the jersey or not.

Anonymous said...

for the record - it is AGAINST THE LAW for a commercial product to have the albertan crest of arms - only government officials are allowed to wear it. So those shoulder patches WILL NOT happen under any circumstances

Anonymous said...

the first and second ones are nice, but the third is just f*ckin ugly.

Keith said...

Looks like you were wrong, anon. The Flames new jerseys most definitely do have the Alberta flag. (which is different than the coat of arms anyway).

Straight from the Flames website:

I do not like the vertical stripes, but at least it looks like a real hockey jersey, rather than those $20 Wal-mart knockoffs that the Canucks jerseys look like.

Keith said...

Whoops... didn't copy the website link very well:

Flames Website

Anonymous said...

That last set of concepts is so freakin' ugly. I'm an Oilers fan (so I hate the Flames) but I wouldn't wish those jerseys on anyone! Glad the real ones are better