Friday, September 14, 2007

Result: Avalanche vs Oilers


59% 12,229 votes


41% 8,333 votes

20,562 total votes

Edmonton Oilers
Advancing to face Blues or Canucks

Colorado Avalanche

Poll opening date
Sep 6 @ 4:23 AM
Poll closing date
Sep 13 @ 11:59 PM



Charlie said...

Shocking upset in my opinion...

bryan said...

wow, is all i have to say about this, just WOW!

.:Uriel:. said...

Very shocking upset, indeed…

Eric said...

I'm not an Oilers fan, but as I went through the entire playoff tree, choosing winners on my own, I ended up with the Oilers in the final to my surprise.

There's something really great about the shapes in it... and that it doesn't really look like anything else in the NHL.

B said...

Seriously. Is this a "best logo" contest or a team popularity contest?

(I'm going with the latter)

Trevor said...

I complained when my beloved Devils logo was knocked out and now this, but the more I think about it I just like the way the oilers logo looks (even though I realy like the avs logo)...

Anonymous said...

Thank the heavens that the Oilers have trashed those ridiculously stupid 3rd uni's but why oh why did the Av's toss out their 3rds????
They needed to trash the 1st 2 and get a white 3rd!

canucksjersey said...

i know i use to think their firs and second jerseys rocked but now with messed up piping i'd rather take the third jersey thing