Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Poll: Oilers vs Blues

St. Louis

Place your vote and then feel free to leave a comment as to how you came to your decision. Tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

Poll opening date
Sep 18 @ 4:37 AM
Poll closing date
Sep 25 @ 11:59 PM



Brock said...

The Blues' logo is the only logo left in the tournament that does not contain one single letter/character in the design of the logo. The logo is instantly recognizable, has great symbolism and meaning to the city of St. Louis and to the sport of hockey and is able to say so much in its simplicity without even really having to "spell" anything out at all. Truly one of the best logos in all of sports.

Andrew said...

The Blue Note is one of the best logos in all of sports, and clearly it is a better logo than the Oilers logo here.

SKS said...

Anyone else remember that Ozzy Osbourne mugshot where he's wearing a Blues jersey? The logo officially became classic on that day.

Masik said...

I have to vote for the Blues logo again, it's simplistic but more distinctive then the Oilers logo.

frostbite said...

they are both very good logos. but the blues one is better

Adam said...

Oilers logo is classic, but the Blues logo is instantly identifiable. My vote is for the Blues.
Anyone who wants to check out polls on other sports please visit sportvote.blogspot.com its in its early stages at the moment but with your help it will grow!!!!

Robert said...
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Robert said...

Robert said...
Great name, great jerseys, great colors, great logo. The style is in the simplicity of it all. The St. Louis Blues just have it all working for them. Now it only they could get back to the playoffs.

Sports teams should NOT be wearing teal

Sephiroth said...

That bluenote is pretty hot. Compared to the oilers logo, Blues are way ahead. One on the bests logo for me, it belongs here.

mike said...

Trying to keep my homerism to a minumum. I still honestly believe the Bluenote is the best logo in all of sports. It defines the city and the teams though the music and the wing which to me reflect St. Louis as a music city with a high flying hockey team. Although I must admit that I love all for of the remaining logos. I truely believe the Blues are the best. Although if it progresses to the Finals I think that if they go against the Canadians they will probably lose...but my vote remains with the Note. Go Blues and there logo!!!

John said...

Blues got my vote. Very nice, sleek, simple representation of what a great city St. Louis is.

Hank Baseball said...

The Oilers logo is just that....a logo. However, the Blue Note is a dynamic symbol that is hard not to enjoy.

Leanna said...

The Blues logo is a classic one. The Oilers are good, too, but the Blues are simple and very recognizable. It hasn't changed a lot since 1967, and it shouldn't.

It also represents blues music, which has a long history with the city of St. Louis.

That BlueNote is something to be proud of, and it's an honor to wear it.

A. P. said...

anyone suggesting that the Oilers logo is 'just' a logo is entirely ignorant to the Edmonton Oilers logo and the history the logo has had in the city.

They are on par in terms of their symbolism, considering the cities, circumstances and the imagery they evoke.

Dominik said...

The Oilers logo, with its oil drop and unique "reflection," is probably the best of all of the "circle logos" (Isles, Bruins, Sabres, Jets, etc.),

But the Blues logo is something truly special and gets my vote: Timeless, no circle needed, no letters needed (which is why the era of putting "St. Louis" in the top of the wing was as big a mistake as putting B L U E S arched above it). Simply a great, tastefully balanced use of its symbols and color.

Jeremy said...

If one of these logos win, then this tournament is garbage. Why do logos that actually look good constantly get beat out by old lame logos from 1920 just because of tradition when good logos (devils, avalanche, stars) can even break the second round? How can anyone say that the oilers logo is better than the avs or the canadiens logo is better than the devs?

Brock said...

Jeremy? Re: devils... how many devils are in New Jersey? What does that logo have to do with the city of Newark? What does that logo have to do with the sport of hockey? I'm not saying it isn't creative... it has the abbreviation for New Jersey and the J is actually a little horny devil tail... that is pretty creative... but doesn't make a great logo to me. Everyone has their own criteria for what makes a good logo. Like you said... I think tradition is a dumb reason for picking a logo. That being said though... what is your criteria for a good logo? I would like to know everyone's criteria for a good logo. My criteria may not be the same as yours... but here is how I chose the #1 logo:

Here was my criteria (other than team favortism) that I used to narrow down to the Blues being the #1 logo in the league.

#1 (no letters, characters, words, etc...) If you have to spell something out for somebody then the logo itself isn't doing the job. The logo should be descriptive and meaningful without having to use words to explain what the logo is about.

That knocked 15 teams out of the running right there.

#2 (mascots for logos that have no ties to the city). Penguins for example. Great tie into hockey... but how does it tie into Pittsburgh? Are there tons of penguins in Pittsburgh?

#3 (logos that have no ties into hockey). Hurricanes for example. Sure it relates to the city and area... but how does it tie into hockey?

#4 (simplicity). Logos should be easy to draw from memory. The blues & the redwings... easy to draw in the sand with your finger. The predators & Senators... not so easy to draw from memory.

#5 (use of colors). If it takes more than 3 or 4 colors to get your point across... your logo is probably WAY to busy.

So that was my criteria... for picking my #1 logo. With that criteria in mind... it really came down to the Blues, Redwings & Avalanche. The Avalanche lost points due to having a character in their logo (the big "A")... so that left Redwings & Blues. Based on my criteria above the Redwings "should" have one... but if it is between the redwings and the blues you have to dock the redwings points because THEY ARE THE REDWINGS! =)

So I tried my best to keep favortism out of it and use deductive reasoning to arrive at why I thought a particular logo should be #1. If the Blues & Redwings would have crossed and I was honest in my reasoning... I would have had to vote for the Redwings. But based on MY criteria for a great logo... the Blues is the only logo left standing in this tourney.

looters23 said...

Brock, I am a Blues fan and while I agree with most of what you said, I have to disagree with a couple of things. 1) #3 of your criteria "logos that have no ties into hockey" i.e. the Hurricanes. What team's logo directly ties into hockey? Logos are meant to represent it's city/team and the Hurricanes are a good representation to Carolina in the same way that the Blues have a meaning to the city of St. Louis. 2) You asked how the Devils are a representation of New Jersey. Here you go... "The team was renamed the New Jersey Devils on June 30, 1982. Over 10,000 people voted in a contest held by local newspapers to select the name, which is influenced by the legend of the Jersey Devil, an ominous cryptozoological creature supposed to inhabit the Pine Barrens of New Jersey"

I do agree with you on two things, the Blues do have the best logo and the Red Wings should lose because they are the Red Wings :)

Brock said...

Thanks for bringing that to my attention... I never realized that about the jersey devils. I've heard of "jersey devils" before but never really put 2 and 2 together. That would have given it another point in my book... but the having to have letters and characters in the logo still dropped it in points for me.

I think Colorado should have made it a lot farther than they did... it meets basically every criterion that I formulated minus the big "A" in the logo... but I guess that is also used as a symbolic mountain that the avalanche is falling down. It has the ties to the area. It has the ties to hockey (the puck in the avalanche). It is simple enough to draw from memory. From what I can tell it doesn't have more than 3 or 4 colors in the logo. I just wanted to come up with a way to systematically decide on a winning logo without just going "oh they are my home team so I'll vote for them" or "they have a really old logo so I'll vote for them".

Ryan said...

the penguins are the best team name in hockey.

Leanna said...

I love the Blues logo. The Blues (as in music) have been a part of St. Louis for a long time, and for a long time this hockey team has well-represented St. Louis. Sure, the post-lockout years have been tough, but we're on the way up again. There must be some reason retired players (even those who left St. Louis or were traded awat) still seem to enjoy this city so much.

tron3737 said...

Both logos are of a very strong design as well aesthetically appealing. The Blues logo however, is truly superior. Many of the reasons that I agree with have already been said so I will not waste further space. But another aspect that has not been considered is a quality that all well designed & successful logos(whether it be sports, commercial, or corporate). That is the logo's ability to be effectively read/portrayed in many different sizes. From the largest of the large to the smallest. The distinctive asymetrical, text-free shape of the bluenote lends itself to many uses. It could just as easily be read/recognized on a jersey as it could on an inkpen graphic or cufflink. However the Oilers' logo would be more limited or harder read when condensed to a smaller size due to the simple reason of it's inclusion of text as graphic quality. I know this is very cut & dry, but it is an aspect that all marketing and graphic artists consider day in & day out.
The Bluenote gets my vote.

Eirhead said...

I'm just glad we didn't lose to that stupid Indian Head. The Blues note is a-o-k, but I'll still vote for Oil.

Go Oilers =)

Allen said...

It is funny how people think that St. Louis doesn't have many fans. The Oilers board thinks the only reason the Blues are winning is because all the other teams in the league are voting for the Blues instead of the Oilers. The Blues have TONS of fans!!! For several years leading up to the strike the Blues were consistently #2 or #3 in the league in attendance. People need to also look no further than St. Louis' location to understand why the Blues have tons of fans. Other than Chicago (and up until Nashville arrived)... every single state that surrounded Missouri did not / does not have a hockey team so lots of those states adopt the Blues as their "home" team because they are the closest team. So if for nothing else other than location... you have Missouri, parts of Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky. So 9 different states (or parts of those 9 different states) consider the Blues their favorite team or home team. That isn't so easy for the upper-east states where there are a ton of hockey teams. Devils for instance... surrounded by Flyers, Penguins, Rangers, Islanders, Bruins, Sabres, Blue Jackets, etc... so those surrounding states have more teams to choose from and the fans would be more spread out. So people just need to face the fact that the Blues have a very large fan base... just because all the fans aren't concentrated around the city of St. Louis doesn't mean a thing... several states across the midwest make up the majority of Blues fans not to mention the tons of fans elsewhere. I'm out here on the West Coast and see several Blues jerseys, hats, stickers, etc... from time to time.

whiteray said...

Since 1967, when the nicknames and logos of the first six NHL expansion teams became public, I have considered the name and logo of the St. Louis Blues to be a stroke of genius and the best name/logo combination not only in the NHL but quite likely in all of North American major sports leagues.

Why? First of all, the name provides a link to St. Louis’ music history, including most obviously the massively popular (for its time) song “St. Louis Blues,” composed by W.C. Handy and published in 1914. The name also mirrors numerous other sports teams named for the dominant color of their uniforms. On the major league level, that includes both of St. Louis’ major league baseball teams, the Cardinals and Browns (now the Baltimore Orioles), named each in their early days for the trim on their uniforms. (The Cardinals’ use of the bird as a logo came long after they were named for their red-trimmed uniforms.) Other teams named long ago for their colors include the Cardinals football team, named for its uniforms when it played in Chicago and which spent about thirty years as the NFL’s St. Louis Cardinals before moving to the desert; the long-defunct Montreal Maroons of the NHL; and the Cincinnati Reds of the National League. (The Cleveland Browns don’t quite count, as they were named for their founder, Paul Brown, and thus wore brown jerseys.) There are many more examples, some in the early major professional leagues, others in minor leagues. In other words, there is a long tradition – ignored for the most part in the era of expansion in all sports – of naming a team for its dominant uniform color.

Second, the logo: It’s simple yet unique. It can be used – as has been pointed out here by others – in any size from billboard to lapel pin and be immediately identifiable. The fact that no words are needed to make it work underline its effectiveness.

These points – simplicity, uniqueness, usefulness and reliance on artwork alone – can also be used to support two of the other three finalists in this logo tournament: the logos of the Flyers and the Canadiens. (The Oilers’ logo fails on the tests of simplicity and reliance on artwork alone, as I see it.) As an amateur graphic artist and someone who used to make his living working with typography and design, I think the Flyers’ and Blues’ logos are a little more streamlined than the Canadiens’ logo. But keep in mind that the Habs’ logo evolved over the years and the other two were designed by public relations firms and graphic artists to represent the teams from the start.

In the end, choosing the best logo comes down to personal preference, of course. My personal preference is informed by the tradition of Montreal’s logo and its place in hockey history and also informed by the brilliance of St. Louis’ nickname and its wonderful connections to the history of the city and the history of sport. The Flyers’ logo doesn’t have either of those advantages, as I see it.

And as it’s difficult to separate the logo from the context in which we see it used, I have to go back to my statement at the top of this comment that the name/logo combination of the St. Louis Blues is the best such in the NHL. And that leads me to my vote for the best logo. It may not quite have the lineage of the Canadiens’ logo, but the Blue Note has been a classic for forty years.

im4homeschool said...

I have to vote for the oilers here. It represents so much to the city and its fans. Edmonton is one of the richest cities in the WORLD because its basically a lake of oil. No other city really has there name/logo after there city. It is simple yet creative. It has a history almost as deep as montreals and nobody can deny that. To Edmontonians it represents a lifestyle and to the team its there game. They bleed the copper and blue

AC said...

Over 10,000 votes for St Louis? Hmm, seems a bit suspect to me.

Brock said...

Let's see... Alberta has a population of about 3.5 million people. Missouri has a population of about 6 million people. Edmonton is still within 1,000 votes of St. Louis? That does seem pretty suspect to me!!!!!

Leanna said...

Hopefully this year the Blues will do as well as their logo has.

Eirhead said...

In responce to lotsa of Blues fans, I will also post the reason why Oilers have lots of fans:

After the WHA disintegrated, Oilers became 1 of only 2 canadian teams west of Ontario making them the geographical favorite team for the likes of BC and Alberta while Manitoba owned the Jets. Saskatchewan was a swing vote, and many western fans stuck to their guns and continued to cheer for the likes of Montreal or Toronto. Edmonton did the only thing possible to win over a market as difficult to penetrate, and as polarized as hockey in Canada... They won. And they won a lot. Saskatchewan's home team became the Oilers and with such an impressive track record right out of the gate, we started to obtain hockey fans from far and wide to Oil Country to cheer for our beloved oilers.

14 years later, interest dwindled, when radio announcers posed the question "Should the NHLPA submit to the demands of the owners?" Their was very underwhelming interest with most people either not caring, in favor of the cap, or simply wanted to see if the world would end if there was no hockey in canada for a year.

BIG STORY! Underdog calgary makes the cup finals! Canada's team! (I was completely disgusted with the amount of calgary support in Edmonton, but that's just me) Canadian interest in general was sparked. They remembered - Lord Stanley's Cup. When Oilers made a near identical run to the Flames the following year, the candian fans who were teased with Lord Stanley the previous year put even more faith into the 5-time-veteran cup winners, Oilers. Faith was restored briefly for a moment before being crushed by a dismal game 7 and the face of the franchise abandoning the team he near carried to the finals.

We are left dreaming of the past just like we did for the 15 years previously. Hockey at an all time high with blossoming superstars arising from the Pitsburgh Penguins. And the world is at peace.

Heroics Of Bundy said...

Let's see... Alberta has a population of about 3.5 million people. Missouri has a population of about 6 million people. Edmonton is still within 1,000 votes of St. Louis? That does seem pretty suspect to me!!!!!

LOL, what seems suspect to me is how there's little support throughout the entire time for the Blues, but now there's more when they're going against the Oilers.

If anything, I'd say other teams fans are voting for the Blues because they don't want to see the Oilers vs Canadiens in the final.

They're not voting for the better logo, they're voting because hatred runs deep. They're mad cause they haven't been as successful as the Oilers.

Allen said...

Heroics - you are probably right. If the Blues win this logo contest the only reason they win is not because they have the better logo, but because everyone has been voting AGAINST the other teams. So it isn't a "who has the better logo" contest, it is more of a "vote against the team you hate the most" contest! =)


So if the Canadians beat the Blues in the final round... can I say "the only reason their logo won is because all the other teams in the league hate the Blues and were voting AGAINST the blues instead of for the Canadian's logo"??? God knows people will be using that as an excuse if it is the other way around.

tron3737 said...

MAN! Those pro Edmonton sure are moody! While most have clearly posted on the merits of the logos & their respective qualities, those ringing the bell for the Oiler's logo make me feel like I'm watching Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory. Skeptical bunch those Canadians. Whats that all aboot?

Heroics Of Bundy said...

Either way the entire tournament was a joke.

Most of you bring history into this shit like it actually matters. It's a poll towards which one looks best, some of you need to catch up on your reading comprehension.

Then again, certain people have beef with words in a logo so I can see why they aren't up to date on big words like comprehension.

Regardless, two ugly logos go into the final. There's much better logos from both conferences, but homers had to ruin it and pick based off history.

Lol, this is about the only time St Louis isn't singing the Blues.

Hell, I wouldn't doubt if this is the only place those bums can win anything.

Allen said...

Ooohhhh, burn by Heroics... he called us homers. hehe First his favorite logo didn't win because every other team in the league wasn't voting for their favorite but were instead voting AGAINST his favorite. Now his favorite logo didn't win because all the "homers" were voting for their home team instead of the one true best logo (his favorite logo).

What is next Heroics? Was the poll rigged?

hockey1 said...

You guys have to be kidding me. You Oiler fans actually think that your logo should win. Then you cry fowl that people should vote for the best logo, and believe it or not, the best logo is winning right now. Funny you say that the only place the Blues could win is here, you edmontonians need to take a look back at the standings last year.

better logo SHOULD win. and by that I mean the Blue note.

Leanna said...

Not to sound cynical, but I'm surprised our Blue Note got this far. I love the BlueNote, and I believe it's the best, but I didn't think enough other people would.

I hope this doesn't turn into a USA vs. Canada duel with Vancouver.

Vancouver's tough, but no matter who wins I'm glad we won the west.

Go Blues (and their logo)!

Matthew said...

OK, I'll admit it, I'm a homer. I live in St. Louis, I follow the Blues, and I'll vote for the Blue Note.

However, I must also say that I like the Oiler's logo, aesthetically- (Ooh, Heroic, there's a big word for you!) and I respect their hockey history a ton.
It's round, like a puck, it puts a nice spin on the Oil Drop and the subtle space lines between the letters reflecting, um, reflection, as you might see on a shimmering pool of oil. I get it, and I like it. But in all honesty, I still just prefer the Blue Note.

I HATE the Redwings, and mean HATE, but I still really like their logo. It just works.

Of course, as a homer, I just don't get it when someone doesn't root for my team. - Because that might mean that they are objectively picking the team for its hockey merits and rooting for it to win. They must think it's a better team, therefore it deserves to win, and they would only root for a winner. No loyalty necessary.

But as a homer, I will blindly and loyally follow my team and get angry when they don't play well, or trade my favorite player, or pull stupid management moves. And given any game situation, any game, any playoff, I will root for them to win regardless of whether they deserve it. Except here.

Sound like a contradiction? Not really. The core of St. Louis Blues fans is a tough, informed, generous group. When the team's management / ownership group, or the players themselves, show they are willing to fight and work hard to compete, the seats get filled. That is the kind of homerism that I'm willing to admit to. Go Blues.

So, while I do feel sorry for ALL Canadian teams, and the way the NHL has made it tough on them to compete, I also respect that Canadians have always hung in there for a sport I love. If not for those Canadian hockey fans, there would never have been enough support for hockey to keep the league around long enough for St. Louis to get a team in the 60s.

But since then, regardless of what all of you other markets think, the St. Louis Blues hockey fan has been as loyal to the sport as any homer could ever have hoped to have been. If fact, so loyal as to collectively object to poor ownership, poor management, poor play, until change occurs. It has always been that way, even though we haven't won a cup, we will band together and support our team when we believe it deserves it.

Here, however, I don't have to worry about my homerism. IF this were about Hockey History, I would vote for the Montreal Canadians, and yes, even the Oilers before the Blues. Edmonton has won 5 cups, and I respect that.

But here, Heroic, my sad, sad, sad, fellow hockey fan, here, it is about logo aesthetics, and frankly I don't think many other sports logos come close to the Note in that respect.

I heard an Veteran ESPN analyst say one evening that the St. Louis Blues Logo was the best logo in all of sports. He said it during an NFL game that he was doing. It is the singular time I've ever heard anyone outside of St. Louis mention the Note with such respect.

It almost made me cry.