Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sharks, Oilers Fans Design Jerseys

As usual, I have some fan-designed jersey concepts to post today. First, we've got a look at what someone thinks the San Jose Sharks new Rbk EDGE uniforms should look like.

As you can see, someone borrowed elements from the new Florida Panthers jersey designs. Notice the choice of not using the announced secondary logo on the shoulders. Instead they take one of the many other logos and use it. The one we see here is the version of the full shark biting through a hockey stick, sans the background triangle.

Then I've also got a concept for the Edmonton Oilers to share.

It's a nice design that toys with the current jerseys. Don't expect to see a design just like this as we've been hearing the Oil plans to drop the oil man shoulder patches this season. Regardless of that, I like it.

You all have any thoughts on either of these designs? Feel free to leave them in the comments.


Artymous said...

Every time I see a different jersey done up in the same style as the Panthers, it brings home to me how ridiculously garish that design really is.

OilFan82 said...

I'd prefer if the Oilers went to the orange and dark blue/navy colour scheme. I am not a fan of the copper. It can almost look brown on camera.

That said, I can't see the Oilers going for a jersey design with cut-off stripes like this one. It looks like it's two separate jerseys that have been stitched together

Paul said...

The striping on both jerseys are okay. I know I like the Panthers' new jerseys, but just cannot see more teams using the cutoff stripes on the sleeves.

The Sharks one is nice either way in terms of the use of the logos on the crest and shoulders.

And while I hope the Oilers new jersey is simple, thankfully they're getting rid of that awful "miner" logo on the shoulders. I couldn't stand looking at it.