Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Advancing A Minnesota Concept

Last Friday I posted a concept design for the Minnesota Wild that featured a new secondary logo. It featured a cool lake scene inside the outline of the state of Minnesota. If you read any of the comments, you know it was a big hit.

So apparently, that designer took another step with that design and created these.

It's pretty sharp though I still prefer the bear head design to the state design for the primary logo.

Then, how about that alternate jersey at the bottom? Any old North Stars fans out there feeling nostalgic? What do you think of that concept?


OilFan82 said...

The alternate is interesting. There's no way that Dallas would allow it of course.

Anonymous said...'s Christmas in Minnesota?

Anonymous said...

I think the wild should keep the same design that they have now, on the boards not many people want them to change the jerseys alot. They're amazing the way they are.

Jarick said...

Don't like them. And as a Wild fan, I really don't want to see any more North Stars influence. We have the North Star in the logo, otherwise it's a new team.

The website re-design has lots of dark green and wheat and the circle logo, no red. So take that as you will.

Anonymous said...


Ryan said...

That logo is very clever, but it's still inferior to the current logo, which is one of the best in all of sports. Why mess with a good thing?

That North Stars parody is a joke. I love the North Stars when I was little (except during the 1991 Stanley Cup Finals), but the Wild have no connection to them whatsoever.

Chris said...

As a matter of fact, that alternate jersey design was a joke. That would never be worn in this league. Anyway, the Wild are connected to the North Stars only inasmuch as they're both part of Minnesota's hockey history. Thanks for the comments, all!

Paul said...

I like the original concepts that "daynio" did compared to these. That excellent new secondary logo concept he created should not become the primary logo though.