Monday, August 20, 2007

Result: Devils vs Maple Leafs

New Jersey

51% 5,887 votes


49% 5,573 votes

11,460 total votes

New Jersey Devils
Advancing to Quarterfinals to face Carolina Hurricanes

Toronto Maple Leafs

Poll opening date
Aug 12 @ 7:34 AM
Poll closing date
Aug 19 @ 11:59 PM



Anonymous said...

Is New Jersey supposed to face Carolina in the second round? I mean they finished second in your "regular season". Shouldn't they be one place lower in the playoff tree. In case Toronto would have won the vote, they would be destined to face carolina. Or am I totally wrong here?

Chris said...

As I've said, this tournament isn't based on the typical Stanley Cup playoff bracket. I'm trying to make things as simple as possible. Just forget about the "qualifying tournament." Assume all the teams were placed randomly since that's how it's going to go in future tournaments. Thanks for reading!

wade little said...

I agree with the outcome.

Anonymous said...

so why bother voting if everyone has their own favorite logo? its unfair to have each team "seeded" and then have a 1 vs. 2 matchup in the 2ND ROUND! I don't care if this is the Stanley Cup bracket or not. Anyone with common sense knows that a high seed matchup, especially a 1 vs. 2, after the Quarterfinals is ridiculous! Honestly, are you an actual fan of hockey? I understand that you are quite lazy, so figure out how to change the format!!

Orignal said...

I see that most of people wants to re-seed the team after the first round. I agree with that. It's probably more work for you, Chris but the users seem really unhappy with the current format. If you see in the west, the Wild will face the Avalanche in the 2nd round, two of the best right now. In fact, they would probably both face in the western final.

Z3r0SYST3m said...

so wait, if we forget about the "qualifying tournament", then whats the whole point you are trying to make with your "Tournament of Logos" blog?

Anonymous said...

You're doing a great job as is Chris.
Live it alone!

The way it is going my predicition for the final battle is Ottawa vs. San Jose.

With that kind of match up, it will probably come down to a 1% difference!


Chris said...

Wow, who knew I could stir up such a ruckus with a silly little blog?

Um, first: Please try to accept the fact that I am lazy when it comes to this and that won't change. I only have so much time in a day to devote to it. I still have an actual job where they pay me and such.

Second: It's not rigged. And even if it was, who really cares? It's just something fun to pass the time. Your life won't change based on its outcome.

Third: What I've been referring to as the "qualifying tournament" was my own bullshit determinations as to which logos earned points over others. It hardly makes a case for teams being seeded in any particular order. Fact is, I now realize I could've avoided this situation by a simple random drawing. Unfortunately I didn't, so you'll have to deal with it.

The problem I have with changing it now is that it screws up my schedule which I've set so that it will end on the first day of the hockey season — October 3.

Fourth: It couldn't matter less who's "seeded" where. I've said already that it doesn't matter which logos the "best one" will go up against on its way to becoming the champion. If it's the best, it's the best and it would beat everybody. That's all.

And finally: Mad props to those of you who have been enjoying this blog for what it is — simplicity to pass the time. Thanks for not taking it so seriously. You're my heroes!

Thank you everybody for your comments! Despite what you may think of me, I genuinely appreciate your input and I really do take it to heart — when it isn't being needlessly insulting to me or anyone else.

Please feel free to make your case further if you're compelled to do so, but at least try to understand my reasoning for not changing it. Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Yup. A great logo eliminated. Well done ppl.... If the Leafs did not have such a hated reputation, this would have been no contest.

attack fan said...

good work chis, don't listen to all these nuts....everybody who's complaining needs to take it less seriously...oh and maybe start voting based on logos rather than whether or not you LIKE or DISLIKE the team itself.

Anonymous said...

yo chris don't listen to all these wackos that are never happy, i think the tounament is awesome and don't change it. if you do it the REAL way you vote on what logo you like not the team. i HATE the devils but voted for them anyway cause their logo is good.

Orignal said...

I'm sorry about my last post everyone. Didn't meant to offend anybody. It was just a suggestion. Stay the way it is, like you said, the best will win anyway. Despite of my last comment, I still think that you're doing a great job and thanks a lot to spend all this time on this blog.

J.R. Hippe said...

Yup. A great logo eliminated. Well done ppl.... If the Leafs did not have such a hated reputation, this would have been no contest.

Don't be bitter. With the Loafs being eliminated in the first round, or not making the Final 16 all together, you should be used to it by now.

Artymous said...

Just want to throw my voice in for all the great work you do here Chris, for what is a really fun and interesting way to pass the time until Hockey Season begins.

If anything, you've proven that you've got a first-class hit on your hands, when people come out of the woodwork to complain about it. Nothing fantastic is ever without complainers! Stick to your guns, do what you want, and the rest of us quiet appreciaters will continue to support you by leaving comments, voting for fun, and visiting the site to eagerly see new updates.

Takes a special kind of personality to keep something like this going strong for so long.

For all those detractors, you know the old saying, you don't like it, either find something else, or do it yourself. You're complaining about something that is fun and *free*, like you've invested your life savings in it.. give it a rest.

Stereotypical NHL fan said...

Wooo I'm so happy. I couldn't stand it if the Leafs logo won. I'll admit it's way better than the Devils logo, but I just could not vote for something that involved the Leafs.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad that I discovered this logo competition a little late, I would have liked to cast my vote against the Leafs. Nice to see there are a lot of sensible hockey fans out there. The Leafs logo hasn't changed in over a century it seems. Maybe they should just make it a big neon 'L'. Not only would it be an improvement but a more accurate reflection of the team. Nice to see New Jersey win this one. Glad the leafs another poster said, they should be used to it by now.

Anonymous said...

i wonder what da leafs jersey looks like i hope it looks nice!

Anonymous said...

''Fourth: It couldn't matter less who's "seeded" where. I've said already that it doesn't matter which logos the "best one" will go up against on its way to becoming the champion. If it's the best, it's the best and it would beat everybody. That's all.''

That's exactly what I was gonna post until I saw your post :P. If 1 and 2 play in the quarter's and 1 wins, what's the difference of them playing in the semi's? 1 will still win.

And your doin' a great job Chris, I just love comin' here every day to check the blog. I don't even care about who is seeded where, cause the best logo will win it in the end.