Monday, August 13, 2007

The Rbk EDGE Photo Gallery!

Here's a little something I thought might be helpful. So as to be able to separate the fact from fiction, I set up a photo gallery where you can view all photos of the new Rbk EDGE uniforms that have been officially unveiled.

The Official Rbk EDGE uniform photo gallery!

At this point, only 8 teams have made their jerseys official and I'm compiling photos of these new jerseys in this gallery. If you've got any photos that I don't have in those galleries which would be worth adding, feel free to email them to

My goal is to compile a huge gallery of photos of these new jerseys. I know there are a ton out there that I don't have, including players wearing them on draft day (Bruins, Capitals, Blue Jackets), so if you know where to find any, please send images or links. Let's make this gallery the go-to place for all things Rbk EDGE!

Also, I won't post photos of any new jerseys unless we know for a fact they are the real deal. So the photos we've been seeing of potential Canucks and Islanders jerseys don't count. Let me know what you think!


Micky said...

Thanks Chris

Another improvement to a great site!

2 questions: Do you vote in the polls? and who ya voting for?

Chris said...

Well, to answer your first question, no I do not vote in the polls. The way I see it is I already got my opinion in when I wrote the match in the "Qualifying Tournament."

And to answer your second question, if I were to vote, see the see the previous answer.

It's no secret I'm biased but we've all got to have our opinions right? My thought was that by making this site I might get to learn the opinions of a bunch of other people as well and therefore see where I stand.

To sum up, I'm leaving the voting to you guys. I had my part. This is yours. I'm glad so many people seem to be enjoying it. In the last few weeks, this site's been averaging well over 10,000 hits a day. Must be doing something right.

Thanks for reading!

Sephiroth said...

Chris, your way of writing and your ideas are great.

That new idea is absolutely a reference for me. I was thinking about making the seme thing myself. I had already three teams pictures, but I will gladly use your talents here.

Keep the flame on.

k.d. said...

Both the Predators and Panthers would be a trillion times better without the yellow piping.

Sephiroth said...

When I was a kid, I was facinated with the uniforms showing something different.

The canucks V, the stripes on the rangers shoulders, or the Pucky whale of the whalers were great representatives of the teams. Of course now these things seems out of place, but the concept of having something different is always there.

The Buffaslug may be the ugliest thing to come to life recently, their numbers on the front of the jersey is what make them specials.

Now we have TWO teams with stripes. And almost similar ones. That is not a good thing.

Shadow said...


Zach6668 said...

These jerseys make me feel like Cooper-Alls are on their way back...

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

Just wondering if you would like to post both home and away jerseys to show the contrast that the teams have chosen to go with. Obviously they are each available in the nhl shop.

Keep up the great work. I regularly check your site for news on leaks of the real deal. Love it!


Chris said...

Thanks! Glad you guys like the idea. As for the most recent comment, make sure you click on the jersey to see the team's whole gallery. It's got both photos from the NHL shop for each team as well as many more, some from unveiling events.

k.d. said...

I'm also realizing that the Kings, Panthers, Predators, new Sens, new Sharks, Thrashers, new Lightning, Avs and Sabres logos all have the same type of shading that looks like they were all done by the same artist.

What happened to originality?

opiatedsherpa said...

Sweet work... that's a great idea!

THM said...

Let me spoil it for some of you. All the new logos for the new designs. (Click on the links that say "DESIGN" in the new window. NOTE: the new designs may not be the first in the list)

Tampa Bay

Vancouver Canucks

Calgary Flames

Edmonton Oilers *nothing new yet it seems*

And I need to get back to work so that's all for now!

THM said...

ok, it's possible you can't see the links because of some language selection issue....

Go to and choose a language first then come back and click on the above links. Should fix it.

THM said...

I forgot the absolutely most important team in the world:

Ottawa Senators

The new logos are numbers 2 and 3 in the list

THM said...

Note: yeah, I know the links for the Sens are on the main page... they just need to be here as well to once again show the greatness of these logos over all others.