Monday, August 13, 2007

Poll: Wild vs Ducks


Place your vote and then feel free to leave a comment as to how you came to your decision. Tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

Poll opening date
Aug 13 @ 4:38 AM
Poll closing date
Aug 20 @ 11:59 PM



Artymous said...

I don't really like the Wild logo because of the colors.. Just doesn't do it for me.

However, compared to that horrible ducks thing.. heh.

I had to vote for the Wild.

Shadow said...

I would have voted for the Ducks had they just made it a big "D" but the full text logo just makes it extremely awkward to work with.

Sephiroth said...

How the Ducks logo can win?

Kenneth said...

wow. apparently no one likes the ducks.

Anonymous said...

i liked the old ducks jersey better and now they have a logo that just saids the name and no duck one word bro ugly

Kyle said...

the old ducks logo and jersey was bad before but it's slightly beter now, still bad though
it's pretty hard to get a good logo when you're working with ducks
they could use that one logo i saw on this site a few days ago that could one of my favorite logos
especially with those dark uniforms

fsr said...

The Ducks logo is the worst logo in the league. It's not even a logo; it's a logotype. The colors are dull, but they could make it work. Why not just use the duck foot? Why not come up with a symbol that looks like a duck? Bad, just bad.

I like the MN logo a lot. Good colors -- glad a team decided to use green. Great theme: some animal head using nature elements, subtle enough not to be cheesy. Not a fan of the team name itself, but the logo works.

Paul said...

As a wordmark, the Ducks logo is fine. But in no way does it belong as a crest logo. Having it by itself as a primary logo is simply not good. It also is terrible it is used at center ice on the Honda Center ice.

The Wild logo gets my vote so convincingly, it's not funny. It's creative, good use of the colors and honestly, it's just better than what the Ducks have now.

Micky said...


At first glance we see a mean logo vs a boring word. BUT on further inspection we see that the wild logo is that much better. We got the north star, the moon and some trees. All of them are them are placed in the logo without making it look horrible, but making it look better.

*My favourite part*- The mouth of the Wild logo makes a river flowing beside the trees. I just noticed this, by looking at the larger version of the logo.

Anyways Wild win in a slaughter

marcus said...

the Wild chose some really bad colours to work with... there's no way to escape the association to Christmas when you chose green and red, and especially when you have pine trees on the logo. It's cool that the logo is actually some wildcat thing though.
the Ducks don't have a logo. I don't see why they didn't update their old one to make it look more BA and change the colours to match their current colour scheme.
so my vote goes to the Wild, Merry Christmas!

crl2k6 said...

The Wild better win this... That is one of my favourite logos of all sports... the wild scene, the shape of the logo, and the reference to the North Stars... No way the Ducks can match up to that... This ducks logo was a huge improvement over their previous one, and i love their jerseys, but its still nowhere close to referencing their city or anything... Nothing says Anaheim like ... words?? loll... My vote: Minnesota

Anonymous said...

Anaheim's logo isn't the worst one I've seen, it could be worse. If they just went with the webbed foot D thing, that's just too boring. And there is no possible way that could ever be a classic like the Canadiens for example.
It is also an improvement over the old disney logo.

Also, the Wild logo doesn't remind me of Christmas at all.

Anonymous said...

Wild: too many colors.

My vote goes to the Ducks, without hesitation. I love the Wild's logo's symbolism, but there's just too much going on.

Nick said...

Gotta be the Wild. The Fowl logo is just boring.

Anonymous said...

Wild deffinatley should win this one! Its funny how everyone is saying that the wild's colors look like christmas, but yet the ducks looks like halloween! I find that pretty funny, whoever chose ducks over wild has no taste what so ever!

Billy said...

The Wild logo is one of the best in this league. The differents meanings makes that logo maybe the best.

First, there's a WILD animal.

Second, there's a forest and a moon in the head of the beast that makes the animal looks even WILD!

Third, the star is the eye of the beast: what a good reference to the ancient team they had in the past, the Minnesota North Stars!

Fourth, the mouth of the animal is a river and the trees are pine wich represent Minnesota very well!

A concept like that can't be ignored. The Ducks logo doesn't just do it for me. We've seen better one made by fans!

I voted Wild as you can guess!