Thursday, August 9, 2007

It's Official: Expect New Sens Unis August 22!

According to the official web site of the Ottawa Senators, we can expect to see new uniforms on Wednesday, August 22. So get excited!

The team doesn't specifically cite the new logo we've been seeing around, but I'm sure it will be unveiled along with the jerseys. We'll wait and see at 6:15 PM on VIII/XXII/MMVII as their graphic puts it.

Sens fans, are you excited?


Anonymous said...

judging by the picture on on that "announcement" I guess it's safe to say that the home jerseys will be red and not converting to the blacks of the alternate/original jerseys?

Anonymous said...

I hope the homes are black, like they were last seen in 97/98, awesome memories of the sens vs devils that year....miss the bleached hair, damian rhodes! As an Ottawan myself, I am so pumped! I will be there for sure and will post pics if no one else does! I also hope they keep the current 2d logo, obliterate the 3d and please keep the whites as they were, just in a new rbk edge the red wings did. I dont mind if they alter the dark jerseys a tad, though, but it does indeed look like red will be the home colour. After this year's playoffs, where BE RED was the slogan for the awesome run they had, I can only imagine they will keep red as a constant colour....also notice that the scripted letters for OTTAWA SENATORS are changed from the current wordmark.......NEW ERA here we come....!

Anonymous said...

hey, judging by the announcement... it's a WHOLE new logo!
So forget the ancient one

Anonymous said...

I hope it's red and that they keep the original logo.