Friday, July 6, 2007

Thrashers vs Hurricanes


The Aesthetics
Both of these logos were introduced within a year of each other in the late '90s. The similarities I see are in the form of lots of sharp points. Also one has a hockey stick and the other a puck. Though the Hurricanes do a much better job of integrating the puck more subtly in that it's the "eye of the storm." I like that and the colors along with the logo's simplicity. But this wasn't an easy decision. The Thrashers logo is pretty killer too. Maybe if the Thrasher wasn't holding that dumb stick...

The Nickname
A Thrasher can't fly in a Hurricane. He'll become all disoriented and what have you.

The Analysis
Both teams have appropriate names for their particular locations. Both have great colors, though for a team that wears blue, the Thrashers logo doesn't make very good use of it. It's difficult to say who gets the point here, though. I see a Thrasher and I see a Hurricane and while neither makes an effort at representing Atlanta or the Carolinas, neither really needs to anyway. And though I can't say for certain exactly why, I feel this point should go to the Thrashers logo if for no other reason than that it doesn't deserve to be swept. Thus ending the series of shutouts for the Hurricanes.



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