Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Rangers vs Bruins


The Aesthetics
We've got a couple more Original Six teams here and neither comes in with a great record. The colors, shapes and designs of these two logos are very different from each other. But that doesn't mean they can't be compared. The drawback of the Rangers logo is the 14 letters that spell out the team name all over it. It needs an update... just like the Bruins logo got recently. It's pretty sharp-looking now, if you ask me.

The Nickname
Don't tell me, back to the old park ranger bit again? Yes, but with a twist. If he's not careful the Ranger could get mauled and eaten by a Bruin.

The Analysis
As far as representing the team name graphically, neither does a very effective job. In the Bruins logo, where's the bear? At least we have a "B" but that could stand for "Boston" or "Bruins." With the Rangers logo, I'm not sure why they don't switch to Lady Liberty on a full-time basis. This point is difficult to award because neither logo earned it. The Rangers logo takes it by a very slight margin.



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