Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Penguins vs Canadiens


The Aesthetics
For clever design I'm going to award this point to the Canadiens. The Penguins logo loses it because of the blatant hockey stick that penguin is holding.

The Nickname
Canadiens and Penguins both live in the arctic. But humans can be vicious and penguins are not and so's the way it goes.

The Analysis
In prior matches, I've talked about how cool the Canadiens logo is for working in that mysterious "H." Some will say it stands for "hockey" but I like to think there's something more behind it. Something French, perhaps so as to tie the logo to its home city of Montreal. Meanwhile, the Penguins logo has no connection to Pittsburgh and might as well be from Kansas City. And as for the logo itself, I was always more a fan of the '90s penguin.




Anonymous said...

P.S. While I will confess to secret sneaking 90's Pens' logo love (and hope they're not about to lose it on the newest jerseys), I have to take issue with your mistaken belief that the logo "has no connection to Pittsburgh".

- Both black and gold are the city's official colors and universal to Pgh sports.
- The 'Golden Triangle' is both a reference to, and a nickname for, downtown Pittsburgh. (there are even subtle triangular stripes reinforcing this on the most recent uniforms.)
While I wish they didn't call it "Las Vegas gold", what pisses me off more is Anaheim appropriating it. Bastards.

Chris said...

Stupid Anaheim. Well you make very good points indicating that which I did not know, hence the reason for my wishing to make this site interactive. I'm merely a windbag with nothing to offer but a cooky sense of humor and a whole lot of bullshit. The way you put it, that logo has deeper ties to Pittsburgh than I could've possibly imagined. Thanks for the comment and I apologize for my lack of knowledge and degradation of your team's logo. Come back and vote when that feature is ready!

Anonymous said...

The H in the Canadiens logo stands for Habitants. The Habitants were the group of French peasants who lived in Quebec dating back to when the province was a French colony in the 17th century. They were also known as "Les Canadiens", hence the H on the logo. This is also why the Canadiens are often referred to as the Habs.

Kyle said...

i take offense to you saying that a canadian lives in the arctic (i'm not really angry i'm just trying to say that canada isn't as cold as americans think)

I live about 5 hours away from montreal and quebec ad only an hour away from hull which is where u would find "canadiens" i also live about 5 hours way from TO (I live in Ottawa) which is really close to detroit, an american city i've never heard detroit being called "the arctic"

Chris said...

No need to take my nonsense so seriously, Kyle. But in that regard, would you not agree that there are perhaps some Canadians who do live in the arctic? We'll say I was referring to those. Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Penguins live only in the Southern Hemisphere, and therefore do not live in the Artic.

Chris said...

Thank you. I now see the error of my ways.