Friday, July 27, 2007

New Flyers Jersey Design Concept

One artistically-inclined fan recently undertook the task of coming up with a concept design for the new uniform of the Philadelphia Flyers. But before you get excited, it looks nothing like the jersey hanging behind Gagne in Wednesday's post. It's just one fan having a little fun with Photoshop.

For further proof that this isn't an actual jersey design but rather a Photoshop rendering, see the example below. Yeah, that Flyers uniform is just a Sabres uniform with the logo and colors changed.

If I come across the real deal, trust me when I tell you I plan to post it. Unless it leaks, though, we'll have to wait until September 16.


Anonymous said...

well from info i read on a site from a guy who talked to people around the team they said its not much changes and "you no the sabres jerseys last year it'll look like that" and i talked to mike richards on myspace and he said he heard it might look like the sabres jerseys so mabey the black one wont but that could be what the white one looks like just white obviously

Anonymous said...

Found new canucks jersey!