Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Devils vs Canadiens


The Aesthetics
With only a single match remaining after today, the Devils have proven to be a real contender among the NHL's best logos. I'm rather impressed, actually. It's difficult to say which logo should get this point. The color schemes are very appropriate to each and feature cool, subtle letters. The reason I'm going with the Devils logo is that its subtle letters actually form the devil. That's the makings of a good logo.

The Nickname
We've discussed what an evil bastard the Devil is. Even Canadiens aren't exempt from the wrath of his wretchedness.

The Analysis
While it could be open to discussion as to which logo really earned this point, I'm going to say the Canadiens logo deserves it. The mysterious "H" inside the "C" was finally revealed recently by a reader. I was hoping to save it for the Canadiens' last match of the tournament, but we can give it up here in number 10. It stands for "Les Habitants," a French message for the fans dating back to the club's early days. Where's the subtle message in the Devils' logo?




Kyle said...

The H in the canadiens logo, contrary to popular belief, does not stand for "habitants" which is what "habs" stands for
The H actually stands for hockey because there name used to be "Club de Hockey Canadien" and the reason they had an A in the middle in the teams 1912-1917 (before NHL days) is because the team's name was "Club Athletique Canadien"
Yeah I know alot about hockey logos i get most of my facts from chriscreamer.com or sportslogos.net it's the exact same website

Chris said...

Thanks for the comment, Kyle! This info was pointed out to me recently in a series of comments on another post.

That makes sense to me since that "H" has been the logo for as long as dirt has been around and the nickname "Habs" probably didn't pop up until years after they started playing and building a fan base. Even still, I like to think it can work both ways, nowadays for the NHL's oldest team.

Anyway, I appreciate the info. Thanks again!