Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blue Jackets vs Sharks


The Aesthetics
We've got a couple strong Western Conference logos here. Both pay attention to detail and have great colors but the Blue Jackets logo makes better use of it. Both logos have many pointy edges but ultimately I think it's the use of color that will make the difference for this point.
Blue Jackets

The Nickname
I'm not sure why a Blue Jacket and a Shark would ever have to confront the other but sharks eat people when provoked.

The Analysis
As far as name symbolism, both logos are very appropriate. Despite there being no blue jackets in the logo, I think we all get it. The Ohio flag is a very nice touch in location recognition. I'm so glad the CBJ with the electric green went away. Whose idea was that anyway? This point may have gone to the Sharks except for the fact that I see no real connection to San Jose in it. That and the fact that there's a hockey stick in it and we certainly don't need that.
Blue Jackets



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