Sunday, March 2, 2008

Canada II: Ottawa & Montreal

Tonight's all about the Sens and Habs. I've been sent some really nice Ottawa concept art over the last few weeks. Also some really strange stuff. Take a look for yourself.

I really love that 2D logo. I wish the Lightning had a logo that looked that good. Here's a different set along the same lines.

The next design has odd striping patterns in my opinion.

And finally, all the talk about third jerseys brings this black version of the Sens' sweater.

The last two items are Canadiens logos. The first one's pretty self-explanatory to anyone who knows the logo history of the Montreal Canadiens.

This one would work if the Habs were to change their name to the Quebec Canadiens. Or something like that, I guess.

Tomorrow will be Calgary and Edmonton. Tuesday will be Vancouver. In the meantime, I'm almost all packed and more than ready for my vacation. I'll be in Canada in about 65 hours from now. Can't wait!


Bryan said...

I thought the striping was bad on the first set of jerseys. Still don't see why everyone loves that 2-D logo so much, but whatever.

hockeyfan2166 said...

I like the first 3 designs for Ottawa, they're all sharp. I'm not too crazy about the last design. for Ottawa or either design for Montreal. The Habs logo is a classic and shouldn't be changed in any way.

Matt said...

I love that black third jersey!

sam said...

That black Sens jersey with the current logo is the way to go. It would be a sharp alternate and in my opinion would be the nicest jersey in the league.

Michael said...

Those Ottawa jerseys are very nice. I prefer the non-cartoon soldier. But there is something missing.. the half parliament half maple leaf. I thought that was nice of a secondary logo.

And what is this with the big O? Are they trying to manufacture a history with this Expansion team and try to tie it in to an actual winner?

PointMeAtTheSky said...

I love the idea of gold striping on the Sens jersey.

As I've said before, I prefer the old 2D logo to the new one and the 3D ones.

The alternate for the first concept is pretty sharp...I wouldn't mind it being our alternate next season. Heck, it would make a good regular jersey.

opiatedsherpa said...

I sure do like that Black Sens jersey... that's pretty sharp.