Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Poll: Luongo vs Fleury


Place your vote and then feel free to leave a comment about how you came to your decision. Tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

Poll opening date
Tue May 27
Poll closing date
Sat May 31


Anonymous said...

neither mask is very good, and the only reason they made it this far is the goalie behind them

Nathan said...

I knew Luongo would make it far. Not by the merits of his mask, but because it is Luongo.

Fleury's mask design is quite good, but it would look much better in a different colour.

C_v_J said...

boo to both. i won't vote! it's the democratic way!

Zach said...

Luongo's mask is awesome, I am a Canucks fan, but honestly the mask is great. It includes the vancouver skyline, the north shore mountains, and a some-what intimidating Johnny Canuck at the top. It's a artistic design.

Darryl said...

luongo shouldnt have made it this far because he is luongo. he's a gargantuan freak, and nothing more. its not hard to play the angles when you and your huge ass pads take up most of the net to begin with. that said, his mask sucks too. at least fleury's doesnt have some retarded looking lumberjack on it.

demondg1 said...

Why call it a tournament, it's more of a popularity contest. Luongo's mask is horrible. Fleury's is better, but he shouldn't have made it this far.

Leafers LP said...

I know I sound bias, as a Leafs fan, but I really thought Toskala's mask is better than Luongo's by far. Luongo's seems more like something for the minors. And I'm kinda a fan of Fleury's mask.

Evil Patrick said...

It's the colours that really make it for me. Luongo's mask (as with the vancouver jerseys) have arguably the best colours scheme in the NHL right now and anything using those colours will look beautiful. I first saw the mask and was indifferent towards it when he showed it off during training camp, but looking at each element and how it comes together makes me really respect it, a lot of time went into designing it and the symbolism just tops everything off, he didn't just take the team's logo and change it around (like fleury's penguin), he chose something that had meaning behind the word "Canuck".

So Luongo gets my vote, plus he's one of the best in the world, he can make anything look good.

Props also go to his main mask last season, the burgundy and blue bear slashing an old school goalie mask was absolutely sick, and his vintage sand coloured one was pretty classy as well.

Cheers, Evil Patrick

Al said...

As a Canuck fan, I actually prefer Fleury's mask over Luongo. I want Luongo to go back to his vintage mask from last year; simple yet effective.

ali said...

Luongo's mask is actually nice, I don't know what everyone is complaining about. And fleury's is just a penguin. I agree with Zack.
This is coming from an oilers fan who sees Luongo beat the OILERS five times a year. He actually pisses me off. I know some people just voted for Luongo because he is more well known but I wouldn't be surprised if it was because his mask is actually good. And I have no IDEA why ANYONE thinks TOSKALA'S mask is actually good. If he maybe didn't just change the colour of his mask when he went to toronto, then maybe I would like his mask.I also think Luongo has a very good chance at taking this tournament.
Sorry about jumping from topic to topic

Bach said...


nogoodbye said...

I hate bricks on a goalie mask. It's so unoriginal and boring.

demondg1 said...

Bobby Lou's vintage mask was awesome.

@nogoodbye: It's actually blocks of ice. It's a tribute to Stephane Fiset's mask with the Nords.

@bach: I agree. Bring back Toskala's mask. I love his lid.

ali said...

Can someone please explain to me what is so special about Toskala's mask.
I am not kidding, REALLY

nogoodbye said...

blocks of ice, bricks, stones... whichever they may be.. the idea of any form of a "wall" on a mask is what I find boring and unimaginative.

but I do agree that Luongo's vintage mask was/is better.

ali.. I agree, I don't understand why so many people think Toskala's mask is so great. To me it's in that category of "walls". With the open mouth of something on a mask. Like Hextall had originally with the Nords.. and Joseph .. and so on and so on. It's just overdone.

ali said...

Yeah, I see it the same way.

Zach said...
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Zach said...

Luongo shouldn't have made it this far because he is luongo. he's a gargantuan freak, and nothing more. its not hard to play the angles when you and your huge ass pads take up most of the net to begin with. that said, his mask sucks too. at least fleury's doesnt have some retarded looking lumberjack on it.

How dare you smite Louie like that. Luongo is one of the best goalies that have ever played the game. The Lumberjack [Johnny Canuck] does kinda look retarted. But at least he has some meaning, The Canucks were named after Johnny Canuck, and like I said it includs the Vancouver skyline. Fleury's is just a retarted penguin in a igloo, with his number on the chin, even the font his number was painted on is just ugly. The shade of yellow isn't even the right colour. My vote goes to Bobby Lou.

cuzzy2 said...

Luongo's mask is shit he's got a retard johnny canuck on it the only reason he made it is cause he's Luongo. Toskala should be there not this retard canuck!

cuzzy2 said...

Toskala's mask was great we have a awesome looking skull vs some retard lumber jack. I dont care about the city or any of that. Toskala was simply better and thats that

ali said...

Yeah but that's it
TOSKALA'S is just a skull and teeth
To me that is not good enough, Luongo's mask is relevant to Vancouver, not just the colours like toskala's but also what is on luongo's mask. HOW DOES A SKULL RELATE TO TORONTO? In san jose it looked cool but now it's just plain bad.Luongo's mask has history on it.
Toronto has so much history, toskala could have done something, maybe a mapleleaf
I mean compare his mask to raycrofts and you will know what I mean
Toskala's is just one of those masks that are unoriginal(he found it in a magazine)and many others in the leage have had masks like that or do. Like Cujo, or Hextall with the Nordiques, or Auld with the Canucks, or Belfour, but even these were nice beacuse you can make out what it is (definetely an animal, although I don't know about Auld). Toskala's is just a skull, it could be a human with an abnormally large jaw and 32 canines.
I asked what people thought was special about his mask and there was only one guy eho replied AND HE AGREED WITH ME.
Fleury and Conklin have igloos on there masks which is nice, but the only other player who can pull off BRICKS/BLOCKS is Khabibulin and that is because his nickname is THE BULIN WALL

matt said...

I really don't have a problem with masks that aren't my personal favorites going through. But this is ridiculous. I bite my tongue when Roloson's adonis of a mask was eliminated in the first round, mainly because Ersberg's mask was equally impressive. But now that Theodore's is eliminated, and by Bobby's Lou's misguided attempt at art none the less, I've lost a lot of faith in the integrity of this tournament.

Fleury's mask is so uninspired, especially compared to some of his older masks, and the fact that it is almost a carbon copy of Ty Conklin's.
Luongo's is a nice image with great color, but is executed poorly as a mask. The Canuck-Goalie is holding the stick the wrong way and the feet at the bottom of the mask just looks awkward.

It's a shame that so many fans of this site either;

a) have bad or very unique taste
b) have deluded themselves into believeing that they're voting for the better design and not for whichever goaltender is the most popular.

Shame on you who qualify as the above, you've ruined what could have been a fun experiment.

canucklehead said...

The accusations of voting simply based on a goalies popularity is getting to sound to me more and more like sour grapes. So when you (being the accusers) are voting, it's with the integrity of only considering the masks aesthetics. But when other people don't vote the same way you do, it's simply a popularity contest? That's ridiculous.

I guess the Oilers only won the third jersey tourney because of their popularity and the same with the Capitals winning the 2ndary logo bracket. Because they're sooo much popular than other NHL teams.

ali said...

Hey canucklehead
the jerseys that won actually won because they were good not beacuse they were popular

Zach said...

Oh snap, Luoie is beating Fleury by 7000 votes my dream came true. There is probably someone on the Canucks' board that told everybody to vote for Louie again. Louie and Lalime in the final.

DaneykoIsGod said...

People bashing Toskala's mask are really overthinking everything. When I see Toskala's cage, I think "badass." When I see Luongo's, I think "cartoon." Which word, badass or cartoon, do you want opposing players to think when they first see your netminder? Is Gerry Cheevers' legendary mask any less legendary because stitches have nothing to do with Boston or bears? Or Gilles Gratton's "tiger" mask any less incredible because tigers have nothing to do with New York City or Rangers in general? How about Gary Bromley's mask with the Canucks? Don't overthink ... you might hurt yourselves.

But that's neither here nor there. Toskala lost and Luongo won that round. Personally, I'm not voting on this round because I don't feel strongly enough one way or the other.

Zach said...

I mean 700 votes. :]

ali said...

opposing players don't jugdge goalies by there mask, that would be just stupid
They know goalie's weaknesses and that's how they take advantage of them.
And Toskala's mask isn't that bad, Luongo's is just better.

canucklehead said...

Hey canucklehead
the jerseys that won actually won because they were good not beacuse they were popular

Thank you, that was my point. If Luongo winning is simply a popularity contest from the all the canucks fans colluding to vote him to victory, then Vancouver should have won each and every tournament bracket this website has had since the claim from the beginning has been that we outnumber all others.

In the end, is it really worth getting worked up over? It's just a poll of personal preference on goalie masks, for crying out loud.

RIP Bourdon

Zach said...

Good point canucklehead

RIP Bourdon

ali said...

oh I see your point now.
Makes sense

DaneykoIsGod said...

ali, I think it's safe to say you missed the entire meaning of my post. Anyone implying that players judge a goaltender's talent by his mask is an idiot. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

I was talking about first impressions. Personally, when I look at Toskala's mask, the first word that comes to mind is "badass." When I look at Luongo's, the first word that comes to mind is "cartoon." I don't care about the deeper meanings or whatever. I just think that Toskala's mask is vastly superior to Luongo's.

The best early masks were the ones that were the most intimidating (see: Gilles Gratton, Gary Bromley, or even Denis Lemieux from Slapshot). So, even by using the most classic of standards, Toskala's mask still sweeps the ice with Luongo's. But that round is over. The point is moot.

ali said...

I understand
But I dont think that badass is better than cartoon.

This is my sixth post, i need to find something to do.