Friday, May 16, 2008

Just To Freak You Out XXXV

I know you've all been waiting for two whole weeks, but I'm all set just to freak you out now. And some of these should really get the job done.

We'll begin in none other than the Windy City with a couple of logos that almost had tears coming out of my eyes I was laughing so hard.

Yeah, it's a Blackhawk and two tomahawks. I'm not saying the idea was over-the-top clever, but the execution had me on the floor.

Then there's this.

Which looks a bit more like a goose than a penguin. I guess that's what they were going for.

Not entirely sure what's going on there but the guy with the stick and... the eyes... that guys creeps me out.

We'll transition now from logo designs to jersey artwork. First, a completely new concept for the New York Rangers.

Yeah, they're the Broadway Blueshirts all right, I suppose. Which is a good reason why this should never happen.

Also, a not entirely unexpected result of naming your team the Ducks could be the nickname "mallards" — a completely harmless and ridiculous looking bird, let's all just be glad they didn't go with uniform colors to match.

Because as you can see, it could have been way worse.

Or you could just put a bug on your sweater.

I don't recommend it. However, if you're a Pens fan, I do recommend a trip to The Pensblog for some of the most entertaining coverage of Pittsburgh hockey. Their series of site logos during this playoff season has cracked me up. Enjoy this one (unless you're a Sens fan).

Unfortunately for them, there'll be no broom-clad penguin sweeping away wings of some sort.

Hoped you enjoyed this edition of the Freak Out Friday. Keep sending in the craziest artwork you can find/make and join me again in two weeks for another riveting episode.


Drew Celestino said...

So am I the only one who actually really digs that Ducks uni?

Anonymous said...

That penguin sweeping away the centurion helmets actually would make a kick ass logo for an AHL team with a stick......wait whats that? WBSP already has a logo like that? oh....okay.

sens fan said...

damn penguins

Zach said...

The penguins won't sweep the wings in the final, but they will take them in 6. Just my thoughts.

Hockey Week said...

this is going to sound dumb, but i wish someone would pick up that color scheme shown in that horrible rangers concept. it worked for the penguins pre-1979 and it's almost working for the thrashers...almost. dark blue and baby blue make great ice colors, if there's ever a new team, or a moved team, those colors should at least be debated

sens fan said...

i dont get the first chicogo concept

demondg1 said...

The colors need adjusted on the logo for the Ducks jersey. But other than that, the jersey and color combination looks great.

Washington said...

that wilkes-barre scranton penguin actually looks pretty cool. I like it when the farm clubs have a different spin on the big clubs logo, even if they share the same theme/mascot.

Gideon said...

I took me a while to get the Blackhawks picture, but I really liked it. And I also liked the scary Hurricanes guy.

A Blackhawk is a helicopter, which is what you should hopefully see at the top of the picture. Instead of tomahawks as axes, we now have tomahawks as missiles in that other logo for the Blackhawks.

Rachel said...

That's actually a wood duck. Mallards are the green headed, super-common ducks. Also, I don't mind it so much, looks better than their old jerseys.

Jason said...

The Blackhawks stuff is awesome!

I really like the use of two shades of blue on those Rangers jerseys. They remind me of the Toronto Argos. Or old-school Penguins, I guess.

Bryan said...

ya, those do sorta look like argo jerseys. Also, lovin that Pens and Sens thing (even though i like bothe teams). Thats just hilarious.