Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Get GFB Jerseys For NHL 08

When I first announced the partnership with Matt (aka GhettoFarmBoy), I told you you'd be able to download his designs to incorporate into your PC version of NHL 08. Below are the step-by-step instructions from Dave (who transferred the illustrations to be used in the video game).


First of all, this is only for the PC version of the game. Xbox and Playstation, or any other system cannot be edited. You need a few things first. I will try to make this as simple as possible, but for first time game modders, it might be a little complicated.

To download anything from, you must first be a registered member. You can view anything without registering, but again, to download, you must register.

Things Needed:
1. EA Sport’s “NHL 07” or “NHL 08” for PC.
2. NHLView - This is available here.
3. Tools for NHL08 - This is available here.
4. Any of my GhettoFarmBoy released jerseys - These are available here:
Devils | Islanders | Thrashers | Ducks

Now, what to do with what you have?

First, NHLView:
Once downloaded, just open up the nhlview.exe program.
- An “Open NHL Database” window pops up.
- Check “Static Database” and load “C:\program files\ea sports\NHL 08\db\db.viv”
(For NHL 07, use “C:\program files\ea sports\NHL 07\db\db.viv”)
- Check “Exibition Rosters Database” and load “my documents\NHL 08\exhibition.exh”
(For NHL 07, use “my documents\NHL 07\exhibition.exh”)
- Now click “Open”
- Once open, you have to change the jersey count as per my jersey installation instructions available on each jersey’s download page.
- To do this, click the “Teams” tab.
- Select your team you are editing
- Where it says “Number of Jerseys”, change as instructed on the installation page.
- Now, click somewhere else, anywhere else (important step or you cannot save it), then hit “Save”.

Now for the Tools for NHL08:
- Download this pack and unzip it to your “C:\program files\ea sports\NHL 08” folder.
(For NHL 07, it’s C:\program files\ea sports\NHL 07” folder.)
** Note** - These instructions are for Windows XP. Vista users need special steps as described on the Tools for NHL08 page.

- Now download any of my jersey files and unzip to your” “C:\program files\ea sports\NHL 08” folder.
(For NHL 07, it’s C:\program files\ea sports\NHL 07” folder.)
- Run the “.bat” file included with the jersey file as per instructed in the jersey’s installation instruction.
- Run the “Bimport08” file.

That’s it! As long as the person is using a legitimate copy of NHL 07 or NHL 08, everything should work, and the jerseys available when the jersey selection screen appears in game.

To see my thread on, visit here.
For any other questions regarding add-ons, visit the forums.

I hope this all makes sense and is clear enough for everyone.


If you have any problems with these instructions, unfortunately I would be completely unable to help you. Just visit Dave's page at Hockey Downloads and with any luck he'll be able to help you out. Enjoy!


Atownjacket said...

the Thrashers Alternate jersey looks awesome! I love the pure navy blue.

Talon Lardner said...

I think I am sold on NHL 08, just for creating fantasy jerseys, those look GREAT for user created content!

Adam said...

If I have the time, I might start converting these for EA's NHL 2004 as well. with appropriate permision they can be made available to any other 2004 diehards roaming the net

C v J said...

gah, looks like i'm going to have to pirate a copy of this for pc.

oh well, it'll be worth it.

Q said...

too bad my pc crashed a week ago :(

Anonymous said...

The Devils primary logo looks like Beast from Disney's Beauty and the Beast.