Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Poll: Turco vs Osgood


Place your vote and then feel free to leave a comment about how you came to your decision. Tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

Poll opening date
Wed Apr 2
Poll closing date
Sun Apr 6


Steven Strang said...

You have to love the simplicity of Osgood's mask but at the same time, he could have pulled a Hasek and at least went to a vending machine and got some Red Wings decals to slap on there - Turco in a landslide!

Doug Leake said...

I think the only reason Osgood still wears that contraption is because he's been hit in the head with so many pucks and hasn't had the proper protection that he doesn't know there is a modern alternative. He and Hasek look like idiots in todays NHL. It's 2008 fellas!!

Dandy said...

Osgood could at least wear a Mage (Mask+Cage Combo) similar to Tim Thomas and look half decent. This is just plain silly.

Ken said...

I remember Dan Cloutier mentioning that the modern masks made his ears ring. He tried to adapt to one several times, but kept returning to his old helmet/cage combo. Not that Dan Cloutier is a bastion of progress and success when it comes to goalies, but I suspect when it comes to goalies, many of them are creatures of habit and hate to change things they feel they've had success with. Hasek is as goofy as they come, so that explains a lot.

Dandy said...

Cloutier's ears are still ringing after the Detroit goal from center ice in 2002.

Darryl said...

osgood and hasek are ballin'...everybody has the newer mask, and it's cliche now "oooh, look at my pretty art work...oh jeeze, look at my crappy save percentage" the mask doesnt make the goalie, 2008 or not Hasek and Osgood shouldnt change a thing. It's worked well enough to get them a william m. jennings award

Nate said...

@ darryl

Yes, that is a valid point that this has no relation to save percentage, but this is a goalie mask tournament, not a goalie save percentage tournament.

awildermode said...

"oooh, look at my pretty art work...oh jeeze, look at my crappy save percentage" the mask doesnt make the goalie, 2008 or not Hasek and Osgood shouldnt change a thing.

as i see it, this site is about art work. not the team , but the team logo or jersey...not the goalie, but the art on the mask.

this should not be a popularity contest or whom you think should win the vezina. i think that is why chirs grayed out the goalie, so we can judges solely on art work.

that is my two cents (although, i think it is about $1.25)

poro27 said...

as a young goalie, it pains me to see NHL goalies who dont take the opportunity to wear the coolest piece of equipment in all of sports which they can have custom painted .. for FREE!

and about Hasek and Osgood being so solid back there... im pretty sure if even cloutier was on the red wings he would have a decent GAA and a winning record

D said...

so much hate for the old school
goalie mask
i like it a lot myself. i still play golaie in my leageue and i cannot goal with anew mask it jsut doesnt feel right and i also feel taht it restric my vison a lot.go old school mask..i still voted for turco btw since this is an art contest.

canucklehead said...

While this is a goalie mask tournament, that still isn't a reason to slag a guy for not using the modern masks. They're don't care what they look like and they certainly don't care about whether or not they win an artwork tourney.

Emo said...

I think Osgood's is awesome. Simplicity rules.

Jason said...

Osgood. I have no idea what the stuff on Turco's is supposed to be.

Ogre said...

I always wore a mask similar to Osgood, complete with cat-eye cage. That said, in a mask design contest, he's obviously a loser.

Rome said...

Osgood actually does have a mask with a wizard airbrushed on it. He just doesn't wear it, and I believe it's on display at Hockeytown Cafe in downtown Detroit.