Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Poll: Kiprusoff vs Hasek


Place your vote and then feel free to leave a comment about how you came to your decision. Tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

Poll opening date
Tue Apr 15
Poll closing date
Sat Apr 19


Wozniak said...

when i look at Kipursoffs mask i cant help but think it looks like one of those cheap street hockey ones they sell at sporting good stores. the ones with the over used skull eating the mask, or the fire, etc. (toskala is the exception bc his skull is pretty bad ass).

haseks mask, though just a tire with an engine, doesnt look like a store bought design.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, I think Kippers mask is average, and though haseks mask is nothing special, it is different, seeing how most goalies who still use that sort of mask have no design at all (Chris Osgood). So i vote Hasek.

Doug Leake said...
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SKS said...

The Oilers won in 1990 big chief. The Penguin years were 91 and 92.

Kipper has one of the best masks left in the tournament. Nabokov and Toskala are the only other serious contenders. Roloson needs to be reinstated, pronto.

Eric said...

Does anyone know if there's some story behind the Russian Shark goalies' mask designs?

Why do Toskala, Kiprusoff and Nabokov all have skeleton images (well, Nabokov's is slightly less dessicated, but still). Just lack of imagination or is there something else going on?

As for this matchup -- Kibrusoff's looks like it belongs on a Canadian Tire skateboard. Ugh. Hasek gets my vote for being the lesser of two evils.

poro27 said...

Toskala and Kipper are Finnish not Russian.... i guess Toskala just likes looking tough (he doesn't look tough at all without the mask)

either way i can't stand the non-mask masks... i give him credit for at least painting it, but a mask beats a non-mask

Chris said...

Hi guys! Sorry about all the comments that just got deleted. Please keep it about the masks so I don't have to disable comments altogether. Thanks!

Devin said...

sorry kinda just got on a roll there, but yeah kipper's mask is nothing special but hasek's is brutal, ugliest thing in the league, therefore my vote=kiprusoff

ali said...

Wat r u supposed to put on a mask for calgary
thats jst boring

Dandy said...

I can't believe how many people knock Kipper's mask. Its one of the best in the league! Reminds me of Ghost Rider who had a flaming head. (And his mask influenced the road hockey masks, not the other way around.)

Toskala got his idea from a tattoo when he played in Finland. He has had a skull for many years before he was even in the NHL. Its interesting Poro said it makes him feel tough... back in the day goalies used to have skulls and mean looking masks painted to appear fearless in the eyes of their opponent.

Darryl said...

he started it, either way my vote goes to hasek

Emo said...

This is actually a really difficult one. I like Hasek's old-school style but I don't really like the "HOCKEYTOWN" text on the front (I don't mind the whole Detroit Hockeytown thing but I really think they should have picked a better font) .. Kipper's has a better paint job but the design is just so blah.. anyway my vote goes to Hasek because in the end his mask is more aesthetically pleasing

Jason said...

I'm not usually a fan of skulls, but I like Kiprusoff's mask. It's quickly become a signature look that you can indentify in a second.