Monday, March 31, 2008

Poll: Ward vs Harding


Place your vote and then feel free to leave a comment about how you came to your decision. Tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

Poll opening date
Mon Mar 31
Poll closing date
Fri Apr 4


Brian C said...

ward gets my vote, cause harding has rascal flats on his helmet (can't stand anything country, and dont ask how i know thats them cause i dont know myself) and also Ward's helmet artwork is very unique

WufPirate said...

Ward's Blackbeard helmet > Ward's Nickelback helmet

as of a matter of fact,

Any helmet > Ward's Nickelback helmet

Dandy said...

Pirate is right about Nickelback. Ha ha.

Ward's mask is awesome and very well painted. The artist did a great job with the silver/black/red color balance and it fits with the Carolina heritage. This angle is kind of awkward though, you can't see Blackbeard.

Here's a better image from Eye Candy Air.

Chris said...

I just posted a better photo of Ward's helmet to address the angle issues. If you're not seeing the new photo, just refresh the page. Hope it helps!

Phil said...

His Canes may have screwed my Sabres out of a Stanley Cup in '06, but that Blackbeard helmet is so awesome, it hurts. Cam Ward for the win, in this matchup.

Anonymous said...

that is actually not his newest helmet... he just started using a new one over the last week or so.

Anonymous said...

here's a better view of harding's ugly helmet

Anonymous said...

cant stand any helemt with musicans on it. (usually its someone who sucks like kid rock, rascal flats or garth brooks)

Phil said...

I would love to see a goalie mask with someone like Gwar on it, they would make perfect mask graphics. How many metalheads does everyone think is in the NHL anyways, especially with all the Northern European players.

awildermode said...

i do not really like cam ward.

but then i remember that this is about the mask art and not about the team or the person behind the mask.

ward's mask is awesome...gets my vote, still not very fond of him

Bryan said...

I went with Ward. I noticed that both goalies are from Saskatchewan. What are the chances?

BK said...

Gotta be harding, the green bridge element in the front under his chin is paying tribute to the 35W bridge collapse from last august in Minneapolis..

Michaela said...

"that is actually not his newest helmet... he just started using a new one over the last week or so."

Actually he's using that one because his old one is being repaired.. There is a chip in it.. So I believe he will probably have this one back soon.