Saturday, March 29, 2008

Poll: Backstrom vs Raycroft


Place your vote and then feel free to leave a comment about how you came to your decision. Tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

Poll opening date
Sat Mar 29
Poll closing date
Wed Apr 2


Anonymous said...

i hate everything that comes from the leafs... but raycrofts mask is alot more creative than backstrom's

Anonymous said...

i really think all helmets with 'heroes' from the team's past should be DQed. its so lame, cheap, and unoriginal. Backstrom wins by default.

rralph said...

Raycroft's mask is classic. It's the only good thing he's got going for him these days.

poro27 said...

Raycroft's mask is definitely classic... it even has a picture of the all-time greatest mask - POTVIN!

and i can easily argue that painting your team's logo with your nickname at the bottom is even more lame, cheap, and unoriginal... no other goalie has a montage like Raycroft.. now if only he was better in net

anonymous said...

Both of them suck, but backstrom's is slightly better

Jason said...

I can't stand the Leafs, and I usually don't like masks that are so busy and detailed, but you have to respect the art on Raycrofts mask.

Bach said...

Anyone else notice that Brian Boucher's new mask sports GettoFarmBoy's sharks wordmark? Pretty cool.

Pawscal said...

jaroslav halak was wearinga new mask too at the game tonight.
i know its too late to change anything for the tourney but i think it was worth mentioning.

Washington said...

damn bach's right.
somebody is copying somebody. i smell possible royalty checks for GFB.
That's pretty insane though, one of the rebrands actually made it into the league.

Dandy said...

I am also thinking Halak was told not to wear his Patrick Roy mask due to the latest publicity with him and his son in the QMJHL.

I know a lot of teams don't want negative publicity like that... just like when Ray Emery was told he should change his Tyson mask.

Pascal said...

NO actually the Halak story is taht they found out a taht his mask was illegal in the nhl
it did not pass the protection standart so he had no choice but to change.

cuzzy2 said...

I'll admit Raycroft sucks but the Potvin mask inside gets my vote.
I really could expect more of Backstrom