Friday, March 7, 2008

LFV Day 3: Possible Sens Preview?


My Vancouver trip is nearly half over as of tonight. Makes me kind of sad. By the way, the comments in the last post are absolutely hysterical. And I do mean that in every sense of the word. If you're looking for a good laugh, allow me to direct your attention there.

Anyway, on to the real subject of this evening's post. I got an email from a reader wondering whether we might have a preview of a possible Ottawa Senators third jersey on our hands. He sent me the photo along with the following email.

Hey Chris, hope you are enjoying your canadian getaway, lets get down to business, I happen to have a brother who has a friend who playes "AAAA" hockey at the Bantam level, and his team is the senators...interestingly enough the teams jerseys are gold with "Senators" across the front a la Rangers. Here is a picture of these jerseys, and judging from your "rumor" these might be similar to the new Ottawa jerseys. I am in the midst of putting this onto an RBK template so you can get a better look at it.

Now here's the picture he's referencing.

Obviously, this isn't the real thing, but perhaps it's a hint of what's to come? Only time will tell for sure, but even if you just look at it as nothing more than concept art, it still paints an interesting picture.

And while we're on the subject of alternate Sens jerseys, here's another gold one.

That's all for now. I'm going out to dinner tonight so I've got to get ready. I might have some more concept art for you when I get back.


PointMeAtTheSky said...

Holy crap!

The sens are my favourite team, and yellow is my favourite colour....but not once did I ever envision the two together.

But you know what?

That yellow Sens jersey is pretty sharp, I like it a lot. Maybe even love it.

Great job whoever made it.3scompanty2

Anonymous said...

Those are pretty cool. I'm wondering Chris, for the new tournament, can we do a Goalie Mask Tournament?

PointMeAtTheSky said...

Hey sensrock, that's a really good idea.

I second that motion Chris!

Anonymous said...

Hey! they both got featured! thanks chris :) My brother is a huge sens fan and when i told him they might go gold he immediately showed me his friends jersey..apparently this kid is going to make a run at the NHL...Nathan Granitto, watch for him :)

PS. i third the motion for goalie mask tourney!

Bayne said...

Sens gold is horrible. Gold should always be a trimming colour, never a primary one.

Jason said...

If the rumours are true, hopefully they go with a tan colour similar to that. That's not great, but I was fearing some kind of metallic mess. Or worse, Nashville "gold."

hockeyfan2166 said...

The gold jersey looks very good. hopefully they'll do something similar.
As for the new tournament, I agree to do a goalie mask tournament.

awildermode said...

I kinda like the AAA Sens jersey. Yellow works on this one. I hope they go with this instead of black

Andre said...
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Andre said...

I fourth the motion for a goalie mask tournament. :)
I am a big fan of yellow and gold too. If the Sens are to go with a gold-like colour, I would go with that Vegas tan gold that was shown in the concepts. Just as long as the Sens don't use a deep metallic gold as the primary colour. However, I would still love to see Ottawa use its new 2D logo on its third sweater. It has a nice rounded look to it. Being a Canucks fan, I firmly feel that yellow goes extremely well with red and black. Whatever the Sens do, I hope their third sweaters look nice.

Dan Angell said...

The wording would definitely be preferable to that stupid 2D logo. That needs to never grace the front of my Senators' jerseys. Better yet, how about we just eliminate it entirely?

Granitto_senators97 said...

Nathan granitto plays for mississauga senators 93 AAA of the gthl,dirtiestt jerseys in the league.