Thursday, February 28, 2008

Odd, Unique Logo Designs

Tonight's post is dedicated to those of you who've used your imagination to create entirely new logos for your favorite teams.

We begin in Anaheim with a neat logo design I featured earlier this month. Prepare yourself. It's very purple.

Next to it is a Sharks concept that probably should never been seen by anyone — ever. But I thought it could at least serve as just one more reason why teams should definitely not do this. I thought it was all right for the Stars as a one-of-a-kind sort of deal. But the all-star jerseys this year worried me.

Moving on to Canada now, here's a Canadiens sweater with an interesting new secondary logo created by a reader some time ago.

It probably needs the fleur-de-lis in white, but otherwise it's a really cool, symbolic logo.

Now to Hartford, where someone has created a new brand for a team called the Whales. (Not to be confused with the Whalers despite the logos seen here.)

Those are some pretty snazzy jerseys. (Yes I said snazzy. What?) I like the "H" logo but the "W" logo is more effective with that hidden "H."

Next is a simply Panthers design.

I'm not really a fan of letter logos in cases like this. Put the "FP" on the shoulders and the panther head on the crest, that's what I say. But what does my opinion really matter?

And finally — you know I've gotta do it — in preparation for my trip to Vancouver, here's a new logo design for the Canucks.

I hate to be mean, but I'll come right out and say I don't like it. Ever since I saw the new Johnny Canuck logo, I haven't been able to imagine another symbol that would work better for that club. Still, no idea's too dumb to put out there, right?

Don't forget to go cast a vote at ToHL for which CHL league goes first when the new tournament begins on March 14. And if you're wondering, I haven't yet decided what tournament will follow the Quest For The Worst here at NHLToL. I'll keep you posted.


Erik said...

why is DiPietro on the whaler jersey? is it wishful thinking by hartford fans?

Anonymous said...

well with Islanders attendance levels, its not that unrealistic.

That habs Jersey is a NO-NO, should be in tomorrows post. Fleur de lis on a habs jersey? Habs fans and Nordiques fans still hate each other.

seatingtech said...

I wonder what that 'very purple' ducks jersey would look like if there were some emerald on it, like a real mallards' head? Could someone try that, please?

habs111 said...

weird but creative canucks jersey.

Jason said...

Have fun in that pretty purple, Pronger!

Webhamster said...

Not to mention that all the separatists in Quebec would *never* allow the maple leaf on a Habs sweater. Ever. Despite playing in Canada and being called the Canadiens, it would never be allowed to happen. And if it did. Riots, I tell you. Riots in the streets of Montreal.

Ogre said...

People in Montreal are too sensitive, if that causes riots, imo.
That said, it's ugly as sin.
Also, am I the only one who thinks that the H primary logo is atrocious, and the Canuck logo reminds me of the Seals?

St├ęphane Ranger said...

Ever since I first saw the Johnny Canuck logo I think of the one you will see on that page:

A brand of crappy cakes.

The similitudes are troubling.