Monday, January 14, 2008

Rbk EDGE v2 Concepts

A reader recently sent in about a league's worth of concept art I thought I'd share with the rest of you to today.

It's cool because most of the jerseys have small changes but are really great while some are — not so great. Some have no changes at all. But here's the thing. There are only 29 teams represented up there. The first one who can figure out who's missing wins.

Anyway, I like the green Dallas and Vancouver jerseys. Nice change. Anaheim's is really awesome. My favorite is Buffalo. What doesn't work: Lightning, Flyers, Capitals and Islanders.

Hope you guys enjoy the Quest For The Worst tournament. It's starting today!


awildermode said...


buzz bishop said...

what is nashville/kansas?

Chris said...

awildermode is the winner! Hooray!

Thanks for playing.


mwchad said...

Is that Bruins jersey any different from the current one?

Michaela said...

ahh.. i got nashville.
but i was too late :[

Terry said...

Is that Bruins jersey any different from the current one?
Bottom right of the pic: Some jerseys left same for obvious reasons.

mwchad said...

Reason being??

Brian C said...

The sabres one is truly the best. but some of the others are just plain ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Some of these are alright... like Anaheim's. Toronto, Chicago, Washington, New Jersey, the Islanders, and Ottawa just aren't good, though. And the Pittsburgh jersey is just plain ugly.

dennis said...

The shade of blue used in that Pens one is too dark. The only acceptable shade would be the baby blue.

Ghislain said...

The habs bottom blue Jersey just sucks ! Don't mess with perfection !

Andre said...

I love the green Johnny Canuck sweater of the Canucks. If that jersey were to become the team's third jersey, sales would go right out of this world. As for the Leafs, I like the 60s pointy leaf, but the leaf should be white on a blue sweater and then inverted on a white sweater.

Jason said...

Oilers. Stripes. Full ones. Please.

Rayna said...

I've actually gotten to the point where I like the Oilers jerseys. They look not bad on the ice. Even the half stripes on the elbows works. They look like they are wearing elbow pads.

Anonymous said...

WTF! did they do to the Caps jersey. Underarm red and white stripes. I know what they were going for, but come on! I look at that and think Pippy Longstocking. That's the last self image a team needs.

ranndino said...

LIKE: Buffalo, Anaheim, Philly.
DON'T LIKE: San Jose (gloomy grey?), Dallas (still hate the word mark - they have a great logo, use it), NJ (goth?), Pittsburgh (yucky blue), Vancouver (not sure why everyone in Vancouver seems like crappy logos, this is as bad as the original NE Patriots logo), Islanders (they might be hopeless).

OTHERS are too similar to the ones they have now, so no comment.

Anonymous said...

San Jose : really interesting
Oilers : get rid of that orange halo effect that's going on
Coyotes : not much change, but i've always liked it
St-Louis : nice minor changes
Buffalo : nice, i like it as is...
Dallas : Ditch the name, looks tacky
Atlanta : ditch the name on the sleeve, all else is nice
Minnesota : go more to a maroon instead of a fire engine red..
Avalanche : no change
Toronto : go back to the original logo, this one is ugly!
Anaheim : that's NICE!!! i think that's the strongest new logo!
New Jersey : WHAT?!?!? that's hideous
Chicago : too many stripes at the bottom
Philadelphia : something about it is bugging me.. i think it's the logo outlining effect
Hurricanes : did it change?
Pittsburgh : WHAT THE?? BLUE? that's a bad joke right?
Montreal : HELL NO! too much blue, why blue on the sleeve ends and at the bottom? don't change the oldest team in the league, their jersey now is fine.
Calgary : is that any different?
Vancouver : love Johnny Canuck, ditch the name over him
Tampa : Nice, never been a fan of their logo
Ottawa : One too many stripes at the bottom
Islanders : love it! but are they really going to change logo's AGAIN!?!
Detroit : classic
Florida : nice, but simply the panther and update him a bit..
New York : classic
Kings : meh, never been a fan of the purple.
Columbus : Nicely done, simple yet effective
Capitals : hate the sripes, but feels very "euro-hockey" interesting, but don't think it would do well.
Boston : looks liek the classic boston...

Ryan said...

I actually like Washington's. That penguins one is just "wtf". i mean, i get it, but it's bad. Yellow >>>>>>>>>> Vegas gold tho fo sho.

and to archmedia, carolina's has a black shoulder yoke instead of the current red one, which looks stupid (same as islanders and wild...) also calgary's looks like no vertical striping (which is good)

Nick said...

The Pittsburgh jersey is horrible.They came out with an almost identical jersey in the 90's that the players never wore, but something for fans to buy - it made me cringe.

DENNIS said...

I like the SABRES jersey!
Anythings better than that SLUG!

Ogre said...

Why change the Capitals to look like a lighthouse/candy striper?