Friday, January 18, 2008

Poll: Mighty Ducks '95 vs Mighty Ducks '93


REMEMBER: You're choosing the WORST logo!

Place your vote and then feel free to leave a comment as to how you came to your decision. Tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

Poll opening date
Fri Jan 18
Poll closing date
Tue Jan 22


bryan said...

both logos are hideous are are terrible design based off the Disney movies. of course, their current "word logo" isn't much better so there are no lesser of three evils here. one must choose and the Mighty Ducks 95 gets the nod b/c having seen that on a sweater is a complete joke and knock to the organization as a whole.

awildermode said...

i like the original disney duck logo. so what if it has 'disney' written all over. disney wanted a hockey team and virtually overnight they where grated a franchise. they built an arena, practice facility, and put together a (slightly) above average team within a year. sure, they lost money on the team, but that is a regional disadvantage.

yeah, it is based on ONE movie (sequels came after nhl team was founded), but it (along with gretzky, of course) helped hockey grow in southern california...and the u.s.

hate disney all you want, but are canucks fans boycotting their team because they play at GM cannot get more USA than general motors

out of all their logos, the original is the best, even their original secondary (shoulder) worked. their current one sucks,and wild wing popping out of the ice is just plain crap!

sorry, i just had to rant. tired of people saying that the ducks suck because of the disney factor...and i am not even a ducks fan nor disney fan.

Washington said...

ok jokers... who voted for the normal one over the breaking thru the ice one?

the canucks orca breaking thru the ice should eat that duck as far as i'm concerned.

Brian C said...

must we vote any more? it seems pretty clear that Wild Wing is gonna win.

bryan said...

@ awildermode,

wow, just wow, i mention Disney once and you get offended and blow it out of proportion about the "Disney factor". I'm sorry but these logos here and their current "logo", the word mark, are all current applicants in the Quest for the Worst. That has to speak volumes to their marketing brainiacs in cali that none of these logos are successful.

Kronis said...

We should be able to vote for both of the old Mighty Ducks logos. The NHL should have never let the team use the Disney movie crap to market the team. It was so embarrassing. Thank god the franchise took a step away from it all last year with a new look and logo and dropping the "mighty" from the moniker.

Q said...

The 93 logo was pretty creative... It is sad that people who reject it do so exclusively on the basis of its origin... They can't give any strong argument against this logo... Everyone just says, "It sucks because it's Disney"... So what? It has a hint of cartoon, but look at current Sharks logo, Sens logo or Pens logo... Man, that angry Senator would probably get a prime time role on Cartoon Network...

Jason said...

I'll be shocked if the flying cartoon doesn't "win" this whole thing. That's just awful. Most bad logos have at least some good qualities hidden in the greater suck of it all. Not this one.

awildermode said...


rant not towards you. unfortunately, i live in the los angeles area. yet i am neither a kings nor ducks fan. (i like the ducks more only because of kariya. yeah, i have a kariya ducks '93 jersey) i always got crap from people about the 'disney factor' and how the ducks suck. also, it is tough being a hockey fan in an area with other teams like lakers, dodgers, angels, and clippers...

i hope that explains my situation. sorry if i offended you. at least we both (and almost everyone else) agree that wild wing logo is crap.

...oh, and i do like pixar films.

Matthew said...

hahahaha, a 92/8 split.

Jason said...

I wonder what the most one-sided poll has been both here and on the other site. Not sure I remember a beating this bad. Very much deserved, though!

Ogre said...

I thought the Mighty Ducks '93 uniform was great. I'd like them more if they still had it. At least it was a unique color scheme. I don't care who you are, duck owner, but black and white, no matter what your accent colors, does not make a unique uniform.
Disney or not, that logo was cool. I had my mom buy me that jersey when I was 8 (I'm a Caps fan, living in Virginia). I still have it somewhere.

Daniel said...

I agree that the '93 logo gets a bum rap because it came from Disney. The logo itself really isn't that bad.

And yes, it's cliche to pick on the Wild Wing jersey, but seriously... who puts their mascot on their jersey? I wouldn't say it was the ugliest jersey in the history of the league, but it was definitely the silliest.

awildermode said...

did someone say mascot? i smell another tournament coming...chris?

i agree with ogre, black and white is lame colour scheme

ericjjyy said...

worst beat-down ever on any of the tournaments, i think the most before was the manitoba moose beat the rockford ice hogs, 90% to 10%