Friday, January 4, 2008

Just To Freak You Out XXII

I can't believe how long this series has lasted. At 22 and still going strong, what follows is another edition of Freak Out Friday. Where do I begin?

I think I'll start with a play on the Winter Classic which took place this week. It's an "If They Mated" featuring the two teams involved in the big outdoor game.

Curiously though, while the designer went with the original Sabres logo, they opted against the original Penguins colors.

Now is where I really get into the scary stuff, so be warned.

Though well executed, that can't be a good idea. Speaking of which...

Let the eye-gouging begin. It makes great use of the Panthers' colors but what is with all the suns? We get it they're the Florida Panthers!

Here's what we need.

Because nothing says we're getting rolled over like a jersey with tire tracks. A sentiment less suited for the Red Wings (first place) and more so for the Lightning (last place) who can't seem to remember how to win games. But I'm not bitter.

Speaking of the lackluster Lightning, the one color I hope is never incorporated into the Bolts' identity is yellow.

Did I mention how I hate the yellow?

And finally, it appears that not a lot of effort was put into this, but I thought the logo was funny enough to revisit.

Keep the crazy artwork coming so I can continue to frighten and freak out the readers here at NHLToL. Enjoy your weekend!


awildermode said...

i think this year's all star jerseys should be in freak out friday

DaneykoIsGod said...

Can we get a zoom in on that Isles logo? Looks like there's a lot going on there.

Jason said...

That Dallas jersey reminds me a bit of Canada's 1972 Summit Series jerseys.

Darryl said...

red wings are winning the cup...for the 14th time. thats why they will never wear an ugly ass jersey like that one.

Anonymous said...

the lighting bolt looks like Chargers...and no one wants to confuse those two.

ParallaxG said...

The Panthers logo is perfect for that jersey, it looks like he screaming "Help! Get me off of this thing!"

Brandon said...

I wish it was number 14... try 11... You're thinking Toronto (13 Cups), but, we are definately on fire so far. Hope we can keep it up (and avoid third jerseys...)!

Pawscal said...

Well i think the Sabres/Pitsburgh jersey looks cool.
anyone else think so? or am i going insane?