Sunday, August 26, 2007

You Know The Drill; More Canucks Leaks

It seems like the neverending story with the Vancouver Canucks. Now just three days out from the official unveiling — which will take place on Wednesday at GM Place — more items have been leaked bearing the alleged new logo. See for yourself.

The funny thing is that each logo is colored differently leading me to wonder whether the new Canucks uniforms will feature different logos for the home and road jerseys. The logo with the white "ice" shows up better on a dark background while the logo with blue "ice" stands out more on a light background.

Anyway, we'll find out from the team itself at long last on Wednesday. But you know me, if more stuff gets leaked prior to that, you know I'll have it here for you. Enjoy what's left of your weekend!


Anonymous said...

they should just go with the stick and the rink, if that was the main logo i would even say thats the best logo in hockey, yes even better the great indian head of my not so mighty blackhawks

????????????????????? said...


ps:cris,can you post this picture of the new st.louis jerseys on your site

opiatedsherpa said...

It would be awfully rare to have a primary logo to have two sets of colour schemes. I like the full blue & green colour orca logo.

Let's go Canucks!

Anonymous said...

i live in vancouver and i'm just wondering why people like the stickn the rink logo honestly the few times the waired it i honestly got bored of it i mean if u change this to the primary logo in going to get boring after a year u have look to the long way not like a thing u use for one year and then u want another jersey change and u canucks fans that don't believe me it true in lots of ways and trust me nucks fan i'm not a hater to the stickn the rink logo it just that orca logo is better and at least mor fierce

Kyle said...

I agree that the Stick in the rink logo isn't As fierce as an orca whale. But the stick logo is really a meaningful logo, first off the most common thing in logos it makes a C the first letter of the team's name.
Second the colours themselVEs represent alot more than you would think. The blue in the logo is for the PaCific Ocean which surrounds Vancouver IsLand. The green represents the fOrests iN British Columbia. And thE wHIte represents the snow capped mountains.
I love this loGo because it has a very original colour scHeme. The only other team I can think of that sports these colours are the Seattle Seahawks. It's such a suitable logo I hope they use that somewhere on their uniforms.
Go Canucks Go!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That tee-shirt is nice! I'm an avalanche fan and I want one.

Anonymous said...

don't worry canucks fans, if you don't like the updated look then just wait about 4 years when the canucks will once again ditch their logos and colours and jersey design for something completely different. Has any other team in sports history changed their logos and colours as much as the Canucks? I'm honestly surprised they haven't changed their name yet. give it a rest and just go back to the stick in the COULD be classic but i think they're even tweaking THAT

J.R. Hippe said...

Has any other team in sports history changed their logos and colours as much as the Canucks? I'm honestly surprised they haven't changed their name yet.

Well that does tend to happen when a team has won absolutely NOTHING in their mediocre history. See a team like the Houston Astros as losers who have an identity crisis, while the New York Yankees never change because they win.

Kyle said...

Shut up! Just becauSe A team has neVEr won a Stanley Cup you think they've had a medioCre history? Of course they're going to have an identity crisis if you're team name is Canucks. If the MontreaL Canadiens came in 1970 they wOuld have the same problem. And they've doNE nothing? Pat Quinn won the Jack Adams and so did Alain Vigneault. Naslund won a the Lester B Pearson and Malik won a +/- award. Bure won a Calder tHey`ve been to the fInals twice and Linden won the KinG Clancy. You can`t measure a team in Stanley Cup wins if you do tHan the Flyers, Sabres and St. Louis a conplete waste of a franchise (the blues and Flyers are having rebuilding years now).

Lucas said...


ps:cris,can you post this picture of the new st.louis jerseys on your site "

You think that's the new Blues jersey!? Take a look at the top!

"RBK Edge Uniform CONCEPT"

And that's not all, the bottom!

"The CONCEPTS shown above were created by Nux_Forever_1 and are in no way associated with the St. Louis Blues or the National Hockey League"

Johnny Nucker said...

J.R. hippie, would you and your ignorant buddy above please stop talking out of your asses! You obviously don't know the first thing about the rich hockey history in British Columbia and the passion exuded by the fans of the Vancouver Canucks. A passion that runs as deep as any team in the NHL.

Vancouver teams have won two Stanley cups (pre Canucks) and the Victoria Cougars, who became the Detroit Red Wings, are also engraved on the cup. Then there's the World Champion Trail Smoke Eaters, the small town BC boys who defeated the mighty Russians! The Canucks also won championships in the PCHL and WHL before moving to the NHL.

Yes the Canucks have never won a Stanley Cup, but they've won numerous division titles and have had two cup appearances. So J.R., if that's your measure for mediocre history then we could include other nhl teams such as Buffalo, St. Louis, Minnesota, LA, Washington, and Winnipeg/Phoenix that have gone as long or longer without ever winning a cup. Then of course there's the newer teams of San Jose, Nashville, Columbus, Atlanta, and Florida that aren't on it. Ottawa goes back to 1927, Chicago goes back to 1961, and Toronto goes back to 1967 which are all pre-Canuck NHL years. Even Philadelphia hasn't had it since 1975! That's over half of the current league! Some of these are very historic teams.....mediocre history?! Get a clue!

Some of the NHL's greatest players have come out of BC: Steve Yzerman, Joe Sakic, the Niedermayer brothers, Cam Neely, Mark Recchi, Paul Kariya, the Courtnall brothers.....the list goes on.

Anyway, I know this is a bit of a rant, but it really ticks me off when ignorant people shoot off their mouths without first educating themselves on the topic. Think first, do your research or you'll continue to look foolish!

The Canucks have taken a while to find its image and identity, but the history of hockey in BC is as rich as anywhere. This is reflected by the passion for hockey that is evident everyday in this city. So now it looks like the orca will be the symbol of this passion for a long time to come.

Anonymous said...

for those of you that think that your primary logo can not have two different shades of colour are you forgetting that the stick in the rink logo has two different variations for home and away