Sunday, December 23, 2007

Quick Update

The response so far on the Worst Logo Tournament has been great! A lot of you guys definitely seem more interested in naming a bad logo than a good one, but to each his own. Just wanted to drop in with a brief update since I haven't really been around this weekend. Here's a little something to tide you over until I have a chance to do a real concepts post.

Certainly a lot to peruse there. In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy the long weekend (I have to work tomorrow — luckily the show has been cancelled for Christmas Day). And Merry Christmas to those of you that celebrate it!


Darryl said...

ouch...that ducks one? painful brah. same with the redwings. you dont mess with perfection

DaneykoIsGod said...

That Devils one almost made me puke. It's bad enough to mess with a jersey that's already solid, but to use a Flyers template? Ugh. That whole franchise reaks of cheesesteaks and disapointment :-P

Eduardo said...

chris, as someone who visits youre site on a daily basis and appreciates the work you put into this blig...i have a little question...

why is it that many people can send you pictures of very poorly done concepts and redesigns that look like they have had no effort put into them and have it posted up front...yet i sent you 2 concepts that i put looots of time and effort into (and i dont mean to be bias cause it was my own, but i believe they were very cleanly done) and it wont even make an appearance in your concept gallery?

makes me wonder what other fan art we dont get to see...

Jason said...

Some improvements in there, but some backwards steps as well.

Flyers, Sens, Pens, and Panthers are better.

Kings is a big step back. What's with the shoulders? Please leave the Devils alone.

The rest are either the same or the changes aren't drastic enough to make me think they're better or worse than before.

I appreciate the Oilers getting some hem stripes, but still the half-assed sleeves? WHY?! :(

Chris said...

Hey Eduardo. I appreciate the question, though it keeps coming up. Be aware that just because I haven't posted something YET doesn't mean I never will. At the moment, I have over 100 images waiting to be posted — some of which are spectacularly good!

I'm not hiding them or ignoring them, I just haven't gotten around to them yet. Rest assured that your work will soon see the light of day here but just remember that this site — while I love doing it — requires a lot of time and effort and sometimes has to take a back seat. I'd really love it if I could post new concept art every day, but often I don't have that kind of time.

Thanks for the question, Eduardo. I hope you understand and just be aware that your work, as well as everyone else's, will be posted here sooner or later.

Brian C said...

would have been cool if there was a sabres one in there.

sam said...

First off, what the heck, like it looks like these so called "concept art" were done on Microsoft Paint. If the art was a little cleaned up, maybe a few of them would'ent be half bad but come on.

DENNIS said...

Nothings WORSE than a SLUG for a logo! A YELLOW LEGLESS SLUG!
When your team is the SABRES!!!
The SLUG must go!
The SLUG is the WORST!

New York Hockey Ron-J said...

Chris -- I thought you'd be interested in this. It was nested in an article about all the preparation needed for the Winter Classic in Buffalo (good read, by the way).

Your site might want to point this out. This is directly from the Sabres' article off their site:

"The amount of equipment needed is not the only change Williams has had to adapt to. The Reebok Edge jerseys will be sporting an entirely different look.

In addition to the old logo being implemented, there are also a few other modifications to the uniform.

According to Williams, the Reebok Edge II jersey will make it’s (SIC)debut Jan. 1.

“The Edge I jersey that came out this season was the one with the play-dry impregnated on the front with real tight sleeves,” he said. “Since then, because the players complained so much about the sweaters, they have developed the Edge II they call it. The jerseys do not have the play-dry in the front; it is more of an air-knit material like it used to be. There are also bigger sleeves.”

Thought you and the fans would want to know.

Let's go Rangers !

Ogre said...

I got my first edge jersey yesterday, a white home Caps jersey (We still call the White one a home jersey in DC) and I have to say, having skated around in it it is extremely comfortable.

That said, as a Caps fan, I love the Weagle. I really do. It's arguably the best shoulder patch in the NHL. I hope it wins this here tournament. But it's not a good regular logo.
There's not enough going on on the bottom. with the shoulders, you have a number underneath. even the blank ones, there's stripes close enough that it look ok. Ideas could be to fill in the dome, or cross stick it, but crossed sticks makes the logo too busy, and a filled dome makes the bird look like a Phoenix.

Just a thought.

Andre said...

The Canucks' Johnny Canuck V logo has grown on me. However, I could do without the silver. Just keep it simple: blue, white, and green. I would like to see Johnny's upper body and arms holding his stick included if the Canucks were to do an actual Johnny Canuck V logo, which would look absolutely awesome.