Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Poll: Capitals vs Sharks

San Jose

Place your vote and then feel free to leave a comment as to how you came to your decision. Tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

Poll opening date
Tue Dec 11
Poll closing date
Sat Dec 15



Thehurricane said...

caps best new logo this year

Ski King said...

This was impossible. I LOVE both logos because you can vote a second time at one point i'll vote caps

Nathan said...

Its too bad these two have to face off in the first round. Probably two of the best logos in the tournament.

Caps is by far the best though. It easily beats out any other logo in this competition. At least in my opinion.

David said...

Caps look like Wonder Woman, but the Sharks are too similar to their primary which made me vote for the Caps.

Jacob said...

I do love the full shark. They should have put that thing on their chest. To bad it hit the Weagle first round.

sam said...

Sharks logo is pretty cool but by far... the capitals have the best logo in the league in my opinion.

Caps are gonna win this tourney!

Anonymous said...

I love the sharks logo, but I am a Caps fan and love their logo the best, this matchup couldve easily been the finals!

Jason said...

Sharks' is way too similar to their primary. Gotta go with the Caps just because it's actually a different logo.

erik said...

I vote Caps, the Sharks logo looks just like the primary.

Sir Barbeton said...

Voted for the Capitals logo not because I love it more, but because it's actually different from its primary, unlike San Jose's (which is a great logo, but just too much of the same between the primary and secondary).

I also think it's interesting how the Capitol thingy was incorporated into the Caps logo.

Washington said...

This hurts b/c I am a Sharks fan but I had to vote against the full shark. This is more of a gripe with SJ's jerseys.

It's great as a design and would work as a better primary than the triangle/crest, but the current sharks jersey is cluttered with the same design. There are 2 full Sharks on the shoulders, the primary triangle, and the full shark on the shield logo of the pants. Alright we get it, your team is the Sharks. Redundant and should have used the fin secondary on the shoulders.

But back to the eagle. This is probably the best new logo (primary or secondary) that came out this year. The hidden capital building was brilliant.

Jordana said...

the Weagle is by far the best secondary logo in the league. I love seeing it on caps merchandise (hats, shirts). I can't wait to see it as the primary on a 3rd jersey (if they don't go with it, they are nuts).

bryan said...

im waiting for the Weagle to be put on pilsner beer mugs. it'll look so amazing especially with the right type of beer. i also enjoy wearing my zephyr hat with the Weagle logo on it.