Friday, November 30, 2007

Rebranding The Capitals

I got an email yesterday from the graphic artist we know as GhettoFarmBoy, responsible for the San Jose Sharks redesign I recently posted. His real name is Matt, by the way, and he's got a new rebranding concept that's been out for a little while. As I mentioned in that Sharks post, he said his next venture would be the Washington Capitals.

Prepare yourself.

The primary logo is awesome, but my favorite is the secondary. That is the best logo representation of the Capitol dome that I have ever seen. There's just so much about that logo that's right on the money. He just keeps outdoing himself, doesn't he?

And I couldn't be a bigger fan of the jerseys.

One of my favorite things is the gold accent color in the logo. But at the same time I think it's right that only red, white and blue were used in the uniforms. It's knowing when to stop that can make or break a design. I'll continue to say that any team would be lucky to wear a uniform or logo that looked this good.

And by the way, since it was brought up a while back, yes I would put these designs right on par with the likes of the Blues and Canadiens. Talk about making hockey look good.

I'm continually impressed. As it happens, Matt has informed me that his next project is the New Jersey Devils. He says he's nearly finished so I'm looking forward to being able to post that here very soon. I thought I'd finish off this post with something he wrote in his email to me.

I want to thank you for posting my concepts on your site. I sincerely appreciate all of your hard work putting together the site/blog. It's been a great resource for me and I will continue to visit it.

I'm so glad people are enjoying my concepts. As a young graphic designer (I just turned 18 a few months ago) it means so much that my designs are appreciated. I have never taken any design clases or anything of the sort, so when I hear a compliment like "fire reebok and hire this guy" it makes my day....


Lucas said...
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mikeb said...

WOW! this kid is as old as I am and I'm seriously impressed that you haven't taken any classes, I'm absolutely blown away.

PeteShwa said...

Hey GFB, I really love your stuff. It's great to see someone basically my age(I just turned 19) doing the same stuff as me. Same deal as you, no classes or anything. Keep in touch son, maybe we'll go into business haha.

Brian said...

No seriously, Rbk should hire GhettoFarmBoy! I can't believe that someone my age has that capability in creating some absolutely stunning artwork! Congrats man! Keep up the good work!

Q said...


Jason said...

I think this is my favourite of his so far. Really nice.

Jacob said...

Really good stuff. I do have some quibbles:

Stars are already overused in the NHL and sports in general. I know the capitols have always had stars on their uniforms, but when you slap a big one right in the middle, you look a lot like you-know-who.

The primary logo just doesn't look right on the jersey. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I think it's the plain star shape doesn't appeal to me.

The third jersey's not that good. The first two are nice, but not an improvement on the current ones. Looks like just (slight) change for change's sake.

But these are minor issues. I'm not saying this stuff isn't good, I'm just saying "any team would be lucky to wear a uniform or logo that looked this good" is a bit of a stretch. Am I the only one that rolls my eyes when Chris says that?

sjsharks112 said...

that is my favorite logo of anything ever

Chris you should make a section on the right side of the site for this guys work

Michaela said...

im a big fan of his graphics.. dont get me wrong. but i dont see this one working.. but its a really nice design!

Daniel said...

i'm content to just sit back and let matt and pete duke it out.

keep em coming guys, ba-da-ba-ba-baaah. (i'm lovin' it.)

Poulad said...
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tyboughner said...

awsome logos man you are a great artist...i like the current capital jersey designs better tho, but the logos are defintly better.

bradley said...

That primary is quite nice, definitely better than the WEagle, although I still love the Caps current wordmark. The jersey designs are nice, but I think the Caps probably have one of the best new jersey designs out there already, and these wouldn't be an improvement (the striping has really grown on me). I've never been a huge fan of having the capitol building represent the capitals, but that secondary keeps it nice and subtle enough that it fits nicely. Great job.

Anonymous said...

As a Capitals fan I love the logos and the jerseys. However, I am personally a fan of the wordmark as their "primary" logo. I think these would look much better with the wordmark on the front of the jersey and the star logos on the shoulders.

My favorite logo was the star with the Capital dome, well done!

PRC said...

ghettofarmboy is so good (his work on the Ducks is unrivaled) that I don't mind criticizing his work!

the eagle in my mind looks too cartoonish - hardly threatening - I want to pet it.

also, the jerseys themselves, while they look nice (and in response to jacob above - the third jersey would probably look decent in reality), I still prefer what Washington has done for this season (the shoulder patches are a bit big, but otherwise I love them).

Anonymous said...

i really like these jersey concepts but i have one issue with it.

the logo with the eagle/star doesn't really work. I think that matt should have taken the third logo down, the one that says washington capitals and the star behind it and he should of made THAT the primary logo.

With that change i feel like the jersey would look as good or even better than the cap's jerseys do now.

someone should slap it on there see how it looks and post it.

Anonymous said...

I have a problem with a giant red star being on a jersey for a team based in the nation's capital.

I know you're 19, but still... doesn't everyone know what "the red star" represents? :p

Brandon said...

Well, the red star comment is very ignorant; do you really know the meaning?

I love ghetto's work, although, I think some of the word marks look to similar. The Sharks wordmark was original, but I feel some of the others look to similar. Love your work though. I have some friends in the Graphic arts program up here, and they're very impressed.

Michael said...

Seriously, the red star may have been usurped by Communists but can we get over it, please? Communism is dead. And, red, white, and blue are the colors of the United States and should obviously be the primary colors for the Washington Capitals. I'm a big fan of the new Caps look this year, so I don't think rebranding is necessary yet. I also really like the Weagle. That being said, this work is very, very good. I think I'd prefer the Dome logo and the word mark as primaries with the Eagle/Star mark as an alternate, but those are my only critiques. Great work. Thanks for sharing!

NHL Jeff said...

Dude, you rock. I want some lessons from you.

John said...

i think his San Jose stuff is his best work. as an Islanders fan i thought he did well keeping with the fundamentals of the old jerseys.

this kid really needs his own gallery.

Flying Sioux said...

Wow, I'm not a Caps fan, but I would buy one of those jerseys anyways! I love the Eagle and Capital Dome, and the jerseys are very clean.

I really hope someone from the Caps sees your designs and starts the ball rolling to change things!

Amazing job man!

Kathleen said...

Nice work, I can't stand the piping on any jerseys though. (Not just your designs)

Anonymous said...

"Well, the red star comment is very ignorant; do you really know the meaning?"


I like the eagle head logo, I really do. I just think a red star doesn't work.

Also, for the doofus who I quoted:

"The five-pointed red star, a pentagram without the inner pentagon, is a symbol of communism as well as broader socialism in general."

What now?

DaneykoIsGod said...

First of all, I love what the Caps did this season with their new sweaters. They're damn near perfect.

That said, these are really good. Switch the eagle logo with the capital dome one, make the logo a little bigger, and you'd have something just as good if not better than what the Caps are wearing this year.

This kid just keeps pumping out amazing work. Great job, Matt, and thank you Chris for sharing his work. Can't wait to see the Devils stuff!

Looking'EmOver3 said...

Like the design, but I keep thinking the eagle is cross-eyed.

Also, really like the Devils redesign, but the Main Logo is a a bit too reminicent of the Buffalo Sabres logo.

Love the redesign of the NJ.

Keep refining and refining, it's a good foundation.

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