Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sens, Flyers Art

I was contemplating a Freak Out post to celebrate Halloween tonight. But I don't really have enough content yet for that. However, if you want something Halloween-related, the Phantoms' second-round matchup against the Sound Tigers in the AHL Tournament of Logos just went live. Go vote!

Anyway, today I've got a set of concept designs all from a single designer. Ninh Ly submitted a few items for me to share with the group. Despite taking a position as a professed Leafs fan from the other side of the pond, Ninh sure has a lot of Senators art.

I'm of the opinion that the design you see on the left is really what the Sens should be wearing right now. They're a black team, not a red team. But maybe I'm wrong about that. And as for the one on the right, despite it's obvious... issues, I sort of like it. Not the crest. But I think the stripes are all right. Not as hideous as that design would sound on paper.

And finally, another stab at a Flyers third jersey. Very sharp. I could see Philly skating around in those. I do think orange is the way to go for them. Weird how I like black for one team and not another.

Anyway, if you got concept art of your own, you know what to do with it. I look forward to your emails.


Drew Celestino said...

I prefer the orange for the Flyers, but can't stand that faux-3D logo. They have a classic logo. Why mess with it?

Jason said...

I like the 2D Senator much better than the newer 3D one. The other was OK for an alternate, but I wouldn't have made the switch they did.

awildermode said...

i agree with jason, 2d senator is way better than the new 3d one. others say the 3d one looks meaner, i think it looks more like a cartoon. the 2d art looks more aggressive, plus it looks like the trojan condom logo

PointMeAtTheSky said...

My idea for a perfect Sens jersey would be their old third jerseys, only with the 2D logo.

I love the gold ivy piping. I'd prefer red, but the black ones were nice.