Sunday, October 14, 2007

Redesigning Boston, Buffalo Unis

Good afternoon, everyone. First off, apologies on the late posts today (including the new poll), but you'll understand once I explain. See, my girlfriend and I bought a Nintendo Wii today.

Enough said. That should explain everything.

Now onto today's concept art. We'll start with the Boston Bruins, who I believe, already have perfect jerseys. However, I posted some pretty cool concept art a couple of months ago.

The other day I got an email from a reader who shows us what that idea might look like on a player.

I'm not completely repulsed by it. I like what they have now, but this isn't horrible. I sort of like that bear on the shoulder. Not so much with that spoked "B," however.

This concept is along the same lines. I like the idea of brown and yellow for a potential third jersey, but they'd definitely need to use the new secondary logo with it.

That's just my opinion. But I really do think they need that yellow third jersey hanging around for the future.

I don't know about the brown pants though. It might look good or it might be a big mistake. I'd have to see it on the ice first.

Anyway, here's something I really like for the Buffalo Sabres.

I think it needs a little sprucing up, but it's really sharp! I don't care for the horizontal stripes on this sweater, but that logo could work very well if the organization is insistent upon this particular type of bison.

It's a little too monochromatic the way it is now, but with a little color we just might have a winner.

Do you have an opinion on any of these designs? Well, you know what to do with it.


Q said...

wow... the sabres logo looks great!!! I would reconfigure the jersey a bit, though...

as for bruins, the idea of brown and yellow is very interesting... yet, I wouldn't mess with the design they have now... it's just perfect... :)

Michaela said...

Oooh.. I got a Wii too! They are awesome... except for the fact that NHL08 isnt compatible =P

I like the bear on the bruins logo.. not too crazy about the B. The sabres logo is great! Even better with color =]

Basically, I have the same opinion as you xD

Dennis said...

I think that horizontal stripe on the sabres uni looks sharp! It stands out and is bold, aids in the appearance of bulk in the shoulder. Good idea.

habs111 said...

sabres logo is ugly who would like that jersey ? it's worse then the one now. are any hockey games coming out for the wii?

Dylan W. said...

Congrats on the wii. Hopefully it doesnt take you away from the blog :)

Sabres Persuasion said...

I never thought that if you cut the slug in half, it would look more like a buffalo and more intimidating with a sword down it's center. Very nice!

Drew Celestino said...

Sorry, but that Sabres logo is weaksauce. It's better than the slug, but it's too monochromatic to really make out the sabre and the buffalo. They just sort of blend together and lose all definition.

Still better than what we're stuck with now though.

Doug said...

I'll agree with Drew that this logo is pretty weak. It would work better as a secondary, not a primary.

But I don't mind the Slug so much anymore. Anyone wants to know my reasonings on that I actually posted on the Sabres Forum about a year ago as to my thoughts on the actual design itself.

Contrary to some of my compatriots here, the Slug is not the Anti-Christ sent to destroy the Sabres Organization. I leave the destruction in the hands of the upper management......

awildermode said...

if they would only release a hockey game on th Wii.

Drew Celestino said...

Doug, the fans are buying it, but hell if I know why. I guess a good team and a lot of hype can sell just about anything.

I just can never get behind the slug. Ever. But I'll save all my reasonings and rantings for another time.

But I totally agree with you about management being this team's worst enemy. Well, them and Reebok. ;)

Charlie said...

Now it looks like a horned guinea pig.

You simply can't make that logo a winner!

Yellow Poop is Yellow poop...and a sign of a serious medical problem.

Drew Celestino said...

"Now it looks like a horned guinea pig."

LOL Good eye! I knew something else was off with that!