Thursday, October 11, 2007

Loading Up On Oil Art

With all the turmoil over the new Rbk EDGE jerseys of the Edmonton Oilers, the concept art has been arriving by the ton. Lots of people have suggestions for improvements and I'm all ears (and eyes). I figured I'd take a moment a share some of it with you.

By far, one of my favorite Oilers concepts. My only problem is with the lack of color. The Detroit Red Wings can pull off uniforms with just one color but nobody else can even come close. Blue by itself is boring. I see the silver there but it needs a color to make it stand out. I'd recommend copper.

But other than that, in terms of logo design, I'm a big fan. I even like the alternate logo used on the jersey on the right. The Oil would be in a bit better shape if they had something like this to wear every night.

Here are a couple of other options. But the copper and red usage here has me a bit thrown. I think they are good colors when used in moderation on this sweater. They're fine as stripes, but let's not go making huge panels with those colors. I do, however, like the shoulder logo used. Sharp colors and sharp design.

And finally we have this, featuring a logo, I believe, stolen from the Tulsa Oilers of the Central Hockey League. The striping I could deal with. The logo, not so much. This is the NHL.

And that's that. What do you think of these? Any winners for Edmonton or do they need to go back to the drawing board? Remember, if you have any concept art you'd like to submit, please email it to


Jason said...

I don't know about the first set. I'm not a fan of coloured side pannels and underarms on jerseys. Make the jerseys solid blue and solid white aside from any striping and the collar. The logo is slanted too far downward. It looks like it's plunging instead of just being in motion. Fix that somehow and it'd work for a third. I wouldn't want to make it the primary logo.

The shoulder logo on the second set looks like the one that Dwayne Roloson had on his mask up until he changed it this year.

Slap the Oilers logo on the third one and add some red trim to the striping and... well, it wouldn't be ideal, but better than what we have now, at least.

PointMeAtTheSky said...

I agree with possibly adding some copper, but I think those jerseys are fine.

I definitely like the idea of using that logo.