Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Caps, Sharks, Leafs Get Cool Concepts

Today I've got a post with some very cool artwork. Take a look.

Lots of folks have suggested using the Washington Capitals' secondary logo as a primary. Here's a sweater design with that in mind.

The only problem I have is the star beneath the wings. Other than that, it's the best design I've seen with the "Weagle" logo, as it's been dubbed. Even the stripes on the sleeves look awesome with that logo.

These San Jose Sharks sweaters are nice if not slightly reminiscent of the new Blues jerseys with the piping and the Islanders jerseys on the sleeves. I like the shield logo being used on the shoulders, but I think it needs to be bigger. For being a design I like, it sure sounds like I have a lot of complaints. But honestly, though, I am a fan.

Finally, I have a concept with the best Toronto Maple Leafs logo I've seen yet. It's the one on the right.

While I'm not loving the striping pattern, I really like that logo. It mixes the current leaf silhouette with the old Toronto Arenas logo. It kicks ass, to put it quite simply. Any Leafs fans out there that like that idea? Or is it just me?

And remember, if you have any concept art you'd like to see posted here or in the Concepts Gallery, feel free to send them along to nhllogos@gmail.com.


Michael said...

Love the Caps design - and think the star under the weagle and under the number looks cool. It's different and different is frequently good! In this case, it's great.

The Sharks design is fine. It's sorta ho-hum, doesn't thrill me or disappointment me.

As for the Leafs, I really like the design except for the number on the front of the jersey - a design cue I hate. That being said, if you want to put the number in the Leaf logo itself, it might be sorta interesting on the alternate jersey. But, I like the old Arenas logo inside the Leaf more than I think I'd like the number, so just lose the front numbers altogether and you've got a winner.

Chase said...

that caps jersey is ballin. i'd buy that. and i don't even like the caps.

PointMeAtTheSky said...

The Leafs design is nice. WEll, the triple stripes are a bit much...I what they have now.

As for the logo, I prefer the old-school leaf to their modern one, even if the modern one is the one I grew up with.

The "Arenas" logo is something they should look at(they won't but they should). It's simple and it references the past.

dwdrummer said...

im pretty confident that once the third jersey program is implimented again that the caps will release some type of 'weagle as primary' type jersey much like those

Ogre said...

I love that Weagle as a secondary...it just doesn't do it for me as a primary. I know you don't like wordmarks, chief, but the Capitals logo has worked best, at least in my opinion, as that wordmark. I also would not buy a blue colored caps jersey.

Andrea said...

Wow, these Sharks unis are really cool for me.