Monday, September 24, 2007

Rangers Replica Photos

Apologies for the limited posting today but I've been preparing for the new Rbk EDGE Reviews. You can read the first review on the Boston Bruins' new unis today.

I have photos to share with you of the New York Rangers' new Rbk EDGE jersey. Jim, who just purchased his new replica road sweater, emailed them in this morning.

The lettering does appear to be placed somewhat differently than in the past, but it has a lot to do with the paneling of the various fabrics, I'd imagine. I wouldn't say it's a bad change at all.

With regard to the stripes you see here, Jim wrote, "I have to say I am very impressed with how every stripe is stitched on, so that it seems separate from the other stripes and the rest of the jersey, unlike the old replicas where the stripes would be continuous with the rest of the jersey." It's a very nice feature of these new Reebok jerseys.

And then there's the obligatory close-up of the new collar design with the lace ties. I really like that. Overall, they seem pretty nice. But I'm still in love with my Lightning jersey.


Lucas said...

Rangers Suck!

But their jerseys are good.

Lance said...

I really like the stripes. Looks amazing!

Roger said...

I noticed there was a CCM tag on the inside neck of the jersey. I was at my local National Sports Centre in Toronto and I saw replicas for all of the 30 teams. The replicas I noticed had RBK inside neck tags, not CCMs. I wonder why they're different?

I also don't like the shoulder patches on the new unis. They're not embroidered, but ironed/stitched on a cheap feeling peice of leather or fabric(?).
For $140 a pop, I'd expect better quality material. The old jerseys used to cost $90-100.

Drew Celestino said...

Now now Roger, these are NEW! That warrants a $40 mark up minimum!

Sabres Persuasion said...

actually, im pretty sure that if the camera went up a little bit, you'd see a rbk logo