Wednesday, September 19, 2007

No New Poll Today

I don't want anyone to wonder where today's poll is so I'm just letting you know now that we won't be having one today. That's just the way the schedule worked out. So for the first time in almost six weeks, you won't have anything new to vote on, unfortunately.

However, there are still several open polls, including the Canadiens versus Flyers for Eastern champion and Oilers versus Blues for Western champion in the tournament. Click on VOTE NOW! above to place your votes on any polls where you haven't done so yet.

Plus, there's an open poll in the sidebar. Cast your vote for the next tournament to be held here at NHLToL. You can choose from Vintage Logos (where we'll use a pool of 16 logos that are no longer used, chosen at random), Secondary Logos (where we'll use a pool of all the current secondary marks), and Third Jersey Logos (the pool will consist of all third jerseys since the program was introduced in 1995). Later this week or early next week I'll post all of the logos for each pool so you all can get a visual idea of what each tournament would look like.

And tomorrow we'll be voting on the best logo in the history of the San Jose Sharks! Later today we'll have some more concept art and starting Monday we'll have reviews of each new Rbk EDGE uniform.

1 comment:

bryan said...

awww man, i spent hrs trying to figure out what the new poll would be based on. darn the luck!

(hence the sarcasm).