Thursday, September 6, 2007

Kariya's New Blue Pants

This isn't earth-shattering news, but a new photo has been floating around of Paul Kariya practicing in St. Louis Blues gear. Blues fans might be interested in checking out this photo.

While he's wearing the Blues' practice jersey, he's got on what appears to be the new pants. I don't know, make of it what you will. It's pretty blurry. My favorite thing about this photo is the giant "BS" on the boards behind him.

Anyhow, seeing as I'm here talking about the Blues anyway, I've got a concept design for you.

This is a recoloring of the Columbus Blue Jackets' new EDGE uniforms. For what it's worth, I highly doubt the new Blues jersey will look anything like this.

We saw one image last month that appears to be a photo of the jersey. But it doesn't have the ring of truth to me. You be the judge.

Either way, we'll find out at FanFest on Saturday, September 15 when the St. Louis Blues will unveil their new Rbk EDGE uniforms to the public. Looking forward to that.


hockeygoon96 said...

It now seems as these might be Predators pants with a photoshopped stripe on it. I might have to agree with that statement as that stripe does not seem uniform on both sides. The yellow also seems to bright. I don't think anything will break until FanFest next weekend.

Black-Jays said...

It looks to me like someone went through a lot of trouble to make a virtually meaningless photoshop for a team thats fan base, lets face it, lacks the caring of something like this.

Brian said...

The Blues fans do care about this. I don't think we're too excited because we've been told not to expect anything new or groundbreaking when it comes to changes from the previous uniform.

Jason said...

I can also see a possible Preds reference in this shot. For such a large photo, the quality is really suspect as well.

I find it funny that people are still dogging the Blues and their fans. To say we lack caring for this kind of thing is just crazy. I (and many other Blues fans) check this site daily specifically for this kind of stuff.

alex.chidester said...

I'll chip in on this too. Just because our team is down doesn't mean we're apathetic. I'm excited to see the new unis, and I'm really excited to see our team this year.

I bought NHL Center Ice yesterday, so I'll get to see my Blues in Utah. I can hardly wait!

anonymous said...

you can count me among those that has a vested interest in anything and everything blues-related. and on the 15th you'll find me at scottrade center, with all the other fans who will be there to demonstrate their lack of caring.