Sunday, September 23, 2007

Deterioration Of An "A"

I don't want to step on the toes of the folks at UniWatch blog, but in going through pictures of last night's Rangers-Flyers game, I noticed something funny happen to Scott Gomez's uniform. This is why you don't iron things on an NHL jersey.

Early on, everything's fine. Gomez is looking all right in his new #19 uniform after losing a coin toss over the summer to Chris Drury. (Drury is wearing the #23 sweater.)

But after a while, that iron-on "A" on his shoulder is starting to have some problems. But, no, it couldn't fall off. This is the NHL, right?

Oh, oops. Let's hope that doesn't happen during the regular season.

For what it's worth, Drury's "A" didn't seem to suffer the same fate.

Just thought that was a bit funny.


Lucas said...


Zach6668 said...

My guess is that they're just using the iron-ons for the preseason games when the regular captains/assistants are sitting out...

These new guys aren't actually permanent captains, are they?

Jason said...

zach, you're right, just iron-ons for the preseason as well as name plates on the back of everyone's jersey (ranger jerseys are one of the few that have the names stitched directly to the jersey), i dont know why they do it but they always have for preseason.

im also thinking that these arent the exact jerseys they are going to be wearing in the reg. season. if you look at the initial images of the rangers jerseys they are the same as the ones they have worn so far with the R close to the neck but after they officially released the jerseys for sale, the R is over more towards the shoulder, just a thought.

and drury will probably get the A but gomez wont

Q said...


Jeffrey said...

Please, step all over the toes of uniwatch. The guy has nothing nice to say about the NHL.

Paul said...

When I saw this live on MSG last week, I just had to laugh. I wasn't sure if you wanted photo of this Chris, but it is nice to see you brought this up on your blog here.

The customizations on the uniforms will have a higher quality once we know who made the rosters on opening night.

And the Rangers will likely have Brendan Shanahan as one of the assistant captains and probably rotate the other one or two.