Saturday, September 22, 2007

Design Help For Michigan Roller Hockey

Today I'm calling on all graphic designers. The roller hockey team at the University of Michigan is in need of some assistance. They're looking to redesign their uniforms and if you've got an eye for design, maybe you could help them out.

The VP of the club wrote this in his email to me.

I'm a student at the University of Michigan, and have become a fast fan of the Jersey Blog, and absolutely love the concept gallery.

I'm also the Vice President of the school's roller hockey club, and am in charge of the purchase of new jerseys. Unfortunately, the companies we are dealing with to get the jerseys haven't been great (One company presented us designs with an outrageous look that isn't traditional enough, another too boring, another wasn't even consistent with the school colors). Anyways, they don't want to re-pitch designs for free and are trying to charge us for any more development, which we can't justify.

This in mind, I was wondering if theres any way for me to get in contact with your concept community to try and work out some designs with me. I don't know how/if at all would be the best way to do that, and figured an e-mail to you couldn't hurt.

So basically, this is the perfect opportunity for those of you who like doing concept art to potentially see it realized. Here are the specifications of the design.

The most important images are the M, and the Seal. Also are Michigan's Ice Hockey jerseys. And the team colors are "Maize and Blue", with white being used as well.

The roller hockey uniforms, are slightly different than ice hockey, in that rather than a pant and socks, we have a pant that is a full pant (down to the skate).

We really like the tradition of having the seal on the shoulders, and either an M, or some sort of michigan text as the logo on the chest (Theres a few variations such as the script michigan, and the block text michigan). As for everything else, we are open.

We are looking for a traditional hockey look (Not a flashy roller hockey look or anything hideous like the RHI Jerseys), but really want something to differentiate our look from Michigan Ice Hockey. Its tough to define what we mean, which is why I guess its hard to get the design.

He sent along some images including logos for you all to work with.

These are the ice hockey team's jerseys.

Here are the school logos.

And finally, here's a sample template of the pants he was talking about.

You can email your design ideas to Ricky at If you send them along to me as well, they might even end up here on the blog. Good luck!


Scott said...

Ha how about help designing an Appalachian jersey? I'm actually starting the roller hockey team at App. I bet we could beat Michigan's team just like our football team did.

Cohen said...

Big fan of the UoM Roller Hockey Team. I miss beating you guys for the past 4 years straight. Ill hook you up with some new rags.


Eric said...

Michigan hasn't worn that maize sweater with the cursive script since the '04-'05 season.

Steve said...

I can design a new jersey for you within the week if you're still interested... I would very much enjoy it. You can reach me as