Saturday, August 18, 2007

First Photo Of Hurricanes Jersey?

I'm aware of the fact that EA Sports supposedly unveiled the Carolina Hurricanes jerseys earlier this summer, but that stuff isn't for me. I want actual photos. That being said, a couple of people emailed in something I can work with.

Apparently, this photo of Noah Babin was posted on the Carolina Hurricanes web site along with a bunch of other prospects. As far as I can tell, he's the only one donning the new Rbk EDGE apparel, though. You can tell by the collar.

In addition, the jersey also has the thin white striping around the shoulders, seen in the EA Sports images. While this isn't huge news, I thought it would still be worth posting. And for those of you wondering, it won't go on the sidebar until we see the whole jersey. For that, the 'Canes are asking us to hold out until September 16.


Artymous said...

Man, I'm just getting tired of waiting altogether really.

Cabin fever (or some bastard cousin), is starting to set in and I JUST WANT IT TO BE ALL OVER!!

kronis said...

The piping on these new jerseys, whether around the shoulders, or horizontally or vertically on some of the other new ones for this coming season ARE JUST STUPID.

tomp said...

Hi Chris,

I'm really enjoying the site, it keeps me informed without having to read through pages on pages of posts on a forum. Thanks for all your hard work.

If I may, I have a little suggestion that might solve your apprehension towards posting unofficial leaks of jerseys on the sidebar. You may solve this by putting up a section on the sidebar labeled as "Unofficial Leaks / Speculation" and post a clickable logo for each team linking to the speculation. Just a thought.

Anyway, keep up the great work!

Chris said...

In response to the previous comment:

That isn't be a bad idea but it's been especially difficult to separate the so-called leaks from the Photoshop work of fans.

That being said, I could see how these Senators, Penguins and Lightning posts are likely the real deal. However, I'm not sure something like this Canucks image is legitimate.

Still, I do see your point and I imagine such a sidebar element would help in easy access to information. So I'll take your advice and add that today.

Thanks for the input! It's always nice when I can improve the blog.

Anonymous said...

On this site there is an NHL 08 trailer with new uniforms.

Anonymous said...

News update from your Spy in the Eye: All of the Canes' prospects who attended the camp are now wearing the new jerseys in their player pages. That includes Bowman, Dodge, Dwyer, McCrae, Samson, Terry, Bellemore, Borer, Flood, and Kunes in addition to Babin. All pics are from the same range and don't show anymore than Babin's (although some show the shoulder logo).

It appears that posting the pictures was no mistake after all. Apparently the Canes must have thrown away all of their old jerseys, or maybe they just figure that since the pics are just headshots, it's no big deal. Anyway, just thought you might like to know. Hope this helps.

famoussas said...

The jerseys are basically the exact same except for that small stripe around the shoulder logos that is briefly pictured above. I saw them on a screen shot for NHL08(xbox360 game).

Anonymous said...

NHL 08 Demo shows Staal with the new Hurricanes jersey

Anonymous said...

Actually, these jerseys are already completely leaked. This year's NHL 08 cover athlete is Eric Staal, and the already released screenshots and game videos clearly show a new Hurricanes jersey complete with full shoulder piping.